Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Penang Village, TTDI @ Christmas

yes, again i went to Penang Village again... i don't know why but i just love that place when it comes to penang food...

this time i had somethings different, tomato rice, my companion had i think fried rice, we also had pie tee and oooh ooohh deserts!!! durian cendol and normal sagoo with gula melaka.. yummy yummy...

durian cendol

tomato rice

fried rice
pie tee
sagoo with gula melaka

one thing different here in Penang Village is that they had christmas deco up.. but what i noticed after a few times looking at it properly was that the christmas tree is BLACK!!!! yea!!!... it was a BLACK christmas tree!! there's something u dun see everyday! hahahha....

anyway my prev reviews on Penang Village is here

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