Thursday, January 10, 2008

proper post

i know i've been doing reviews on food and places i went and not really writing.. tht's because... well.. i don't know where to start.. or what to write about .. LOL
as i said the first few posts i made when i started blogging, i may use this as a planner or organiser to remind me on what has happened - hence the reviews... :)
so, ok, i'm kinda settled down in my new place.. still have bits and pieces here and there that's still packed or chucked in the corner of my room.. still wondering where to place em... i'm trying to pick out on stuff to give away or throw or bring home, cause my stuff is getting more and more.. and come to think of it, if i move back to my cousins place in gombak.. really NOT sure if it'll all fit! hahahha.... tht's why i need to control with my stuff.. try not to buy too many stuff... esp clothes.. hahahha...
kinda like the location of this place, though i do need to fight for parking AND make peace with cats and their "waste" AND not be bothered on how old, moldy and dirty the flat is... sigh.. guess as long as my room is clean... there shouldn't be a problem because i spend nearly 80% of my time at home, in my room. it's very convenient as well, jusco is opposite, lrt down the road, banks, laundry, 7-11 is behind... no probs.. i won't die.. hahah and if traffic's clear, it's only bout 15 mins to KLCC.. cool?
work wise, jobs opportunity's appearing everywhere and i regret i didn't make a faster move, if not i'll be in a place where i DON'T take calls but i LISTEN and monitor the agents.... but i guess i was not confident (when will i ever be in the first place?) and fast enough to do it (even my resume is not updated!)... and one of us just got it... congratulations! (psstt - dun fail me in my monitoring ah?)... but there is more openings around, just that it's not as appealing as this... :(
*note to self : UPDATE RESUME and MOVE FASTER!!! DON'T WAIT!!!
dun ask about if i had/got a bf for christmas... NO.. didn't/don't have a bf for christmas.. it was me, my friends and family... no special one... and my resolution this year, yes, get a bf by christmas.. but then again... all i can do it wish/hope... you can never force someone to like you.. if it happens, it happens, if it doesn't, nothing can be done... my hsemate says i should fight for the guy i like... it's not me as a person to do it, i always believe that it's the guy who is the one to make the move... so, i did try to "fight" for someone.. someone i thought that our friendship was more than friends, and i thought we had an understanding that we both liked each other... but it didn't workout, when i told him how i felt, he just said he already found someone... so.. that was heartbreaking.... and that's the reason i don't "fight" for a guy....
BUT if the guy IS my bf and is about to leave for another girl or drifting apart ... THEN i WILL fight for him... :)
and what about my "expanding my network" - i did abit... through FB, through ppl at the Attic, colleagues... but, nothing's clicked.. yes, we have stuff in common, yes, we do have fun... but it's not the same YET as compared to my peeps in penang... but IT IS a start ..and that's good isn't it? i'm still trying to make friends.. i guess it concerns lots of aspects too... and time... time will bring ppl closer.. no?
i'm slowly drifting away from my friends at home... sadly yes, dunno if it's because i'm not trying to keep in touch as much, or they have forgotten bout me... just that sometimes everytime i get home, so many things has happened and i didn't know about.. until i come home and had to ask.... i dunno la.. i just hope that i won't be like those who leave after f5 to go off to some land over the sea and just loose contact eventhough in school we were liks sisters....
gained weight? lost weight? as far as i know, after getting out from hospital, i did loose weight and it showed! my clothes were all loose... but then i started to get better... and i started to feel my pants to be how it is.. shitty feeling i tell u!!! i don't have access to a weighing machine.. so i wouldn't know if i'm still at the same ol weight or at the weight when i came out from the hospital...
anyway.... guess that's about it on what has been happening.... heheheh i still have lots of reviews with pics... heheh slowly slowly ah? :P
rosie piggy! i want my pics! :P

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