Sunday, January 13, 2008

too routine

after the xmas holidays, it's always back to work, back to routine, back to the same ol faces, same ol road and same ol bloody stupid racists customers... sometimes it just gets too frustrating and boring at times.. but guess that's work, that's how it is sometimes... for some ppl...
but you do have good days, where your superior says something good about u, your friend just gets crazy and starts singing out of tune and just makes you smile, or u get that sms from someone u were hoping to get from or zero calls in the queue...
been trying to find stuff to do to occupy myself when i get home from work... FB, download movies, watch series, sleep... and i'm back into drawing again, though it's been a while since i used a pencil to colour.... fingers get numb after a while... hahahha... kinda budgeting cause i still have my xmas debt to pay up, tht's why i'm mostly at home and online..
was just going through some pics and here's one i took with panaromic view, it was the KLCC christmas tree.... my arab cousins were back this time for christmas and it's the first time they saw this tree.. they were amazed!! hahaha... it's like the biggest tree for them... from the ground floor to the top! hahha... come to think of it, how the hell did they build it!? hahahah

then i came across this pic of food... yea i know, i mostly take pics of food but why did i take THIS pic of food??... then i remembered, this is what i ALWAYS eat, when i get home.... cause, i can never get this type of food in kl which ACTUALLY taste nice... and CHEAP! so, that's why i took this pic!

lets see what we have here, dry wantan koay teow with fish/pork ball soup, dim sum with siew mai and other types, half boiled eggs, oh and i think outside of the picture, there's poh piah and chee cheong fun.. the REAL chee cheong fun... not the lousy kl version... so yea, that's what i always eat the first morning when i'm home! hahahaha... gosh.. i need to go home like really soon!!

then this pic, hmmm... it was the night i was out with rosie pig, stuck in bloody friday night jalan ampang jam... saw my side mirror and saw this site... just thought it was cool... since traffic was not moving... why not.. so i took this pic when i'm on the drivers seat of the side mirror - reflection of KLCC twin towers..
and..... i can't wait for another road trip with TC! heheheh :D

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