Saturday, January 05, 2008

Eye on Malaysia

heard they're taking down the "eye" at the end of 2007... so daisy and i decided to go before it ended.. but in the end, it's jan and it's still up... sigh.. hahhah.... so Eye On Malaysia... (mind you, their site got music all ahh) is at the Titiwangsa lake... haven't really been to that lake, but i heard it's a nice lake...
decided to go one WEEKDAY, cause weekend queue is always long and it's nicer to see the skyline at night... it's located quite near KLCC and you can see KLCC and the KL tower that looks closeby la....
at the entrance, as usual u will see stalls of food of different kinds, souviner shops, info counter... where everything is all $$$... tourist price what... hahahah

was taking pics outside the entrance and decided to start lining up as the line was getting abit long... that was already nearly 9pm.... luckily they had the brains to put up sheds and ceiling fans under the sheds cause u can only imagine how hot it will be during the day... wouldn't be like caught in the line outside under the sun... can die! hahahah

tickets are RM15 for an adult but they have many many packages and gondola sizes... package for 2 adults 2 kids.. or group of 6 or 8 or 10..... VIP gondolas... this la that la... got to go there to see the proper packages la...

ticket counter

so we got in a gondola, shared with a couple and their kid... nice ppl, we were talking to the lady about this "eye" and how it could be higher, colder (air con was on but not that cold) and how interesting was the concept...

KLCC from the gondola

view from the highest point.. not that high right?

finally our 15 mins or about 10 rounds were up (i can't really remember the exact numbers) and had to come out... anyway, while we were up in the air, they started a laser light show with music and all.... so when we came down, it was still playing and we just stayed to watch abit.... cool stuff... lasers moving to the music with adverts of Malaysia Visit Year 2007... impressive actually... hhehhe

so if u want a night out with a small group of friends, why not go for this ride.. or u have no where else to go for a date, go for this ride.. it's cool! but, must go when it's nice and cooling la... heheeh... wish i went with a bf (which i still don't have) but it was nice to go with daisy, got to know her a lil bit better.. ;)

and yea, thumbs up for the Eye ON Malaysia.... hahahah... (i still feel that sentence is wrong)

the three of em - the eye, the twin towers and the KL tower

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