Sunday, December 30, 2007

Golden Triangle Restaurant @ Juru Auto-City

was home for the past week for christmas and chinchiew called up wanted to meet.. so great!! i had plans!! yeay! was about to go crazy staying home! LOL.. so he picked me up and headed to Auto-City...
we were driving around and just didn't know what to eat cause there was sooo many places to eat... since we were both hungry, we decided on something heavy... so we passed Golden Triangle... looks fancy and quiet...

my gutt told me that if the place was empty, the food is not actually too great... i didn't want to go there at first but thinking about lining up and waiting for a table at other outlets just put me off... so we went there.

place was ok, nicely decorated, waitresses were polite though they were foreigners..

we ordered Laotian and belachan friend rice, mango kerabu, cashewnut chicken and tofu... the mango and chicken was good.. but the rest was only so so... (pics below)... so if u want to try Loation food, here's the place though i can't promise u that it would be good la... :D

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