Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Xmas 2007 @ Bukit Tengah

i had about 12 days leave... 6 of them was AL and the rest was weekend and christmas.. sweet no? hehehe... i couldn't have taken those leave from christmas till the new year, boss didn't let.... sigh... :( but anyway, it was good to be back.. really needed that time away from KL...

so, mum showed me these molds for gingerbread cookies... cute!!! so i told her to make em... and she did!! and what i did? i helped ice them!! aren't they cute! hahahha (perasan!) i know la i'm not as good as the professionals but i try, i try.. hehehhe

so 25th night was the dinner at home... the menu for the night? sheppards pie, chicken pie, spaghetti, stuffing (without the turkey), buffalo wings and ceasor salad... and for desert, mum's famous apple crumble, friend made chocolate cake, kuniyaku jelly and... drinks! oh.. of course mum's cookies, tarts and cakes!

who came? jess and brian, ben, sharon & beechoo, chingchiew and angie, thana and gf... dad's friends and mum's friends... nice small group... easy to handle, and managed to talked to all... it was great to see them again, even though i've been back a few times in a year, it's good to see all of at once... though i wished my colleagues could come but that's impossible cause no ones in penang...

cake we ordered... lovely!

mum's spagetthi

couldn't open a 2002 wine bottle, cork broke and fell inside.. so had to strain.. had drinkers in the hse but couldn't open the bottle properly.. fail la ppl! fail!! hahah

jess & brian

ben's "girls"

thana and gf

sharon & beechoo

remember in my previous posts, i ordered and brought back some cuppacakes... well.. here's what's left after my 10 day's being home... everyone was too shy to try them, giving excuses that they were full from mum's food... anyway, i had to persuey them to try... you shall see the NEW cuppacakes lovers!!!

here are my CuppaCake lovers!!! hahahha...

*CuppaCakes should have me as their promoter man! hahhaa LOL

unfortunately, there was quite a few left and i FORGOT to bring them back to KL!!! so now, i'm bloody missing my christmas cuppacakes!!!

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