Wednesday, December 12, 2007

GRA - Grass Racing Autocross

it's been a while since i saw piggy dugong and when she told me she was coming down to kl for her vroom vroom friends racing event - GRA , i made my schedule clear and made it that i went down to meet her... luckily the x was around, so he accompanied me and finally found the place...
location : Shah Alam Stadium car park (opposite the GoKart area)
time: whole day event

here's their so call podium... sheds for those who didn't want to stay in the drizzle, and also location for the prizes for the million categories they have... hehehehe... every car event will ALWAYS have sexy girls... and yes, there were sexy car girls... piggy said this time the girls were better looking than the previous event.. sorry guys.. no pics of them... :P

one of the cars in their turn... some cars had nice stickers on it, some not much, some was loud with turbo, some was normal... some skidded (wet road), some managed to get good time... it was quite interesting... it's my first so called car event..
still wondering why no myvi's participating - is it because the car's too high?

here are some cars just parked to display their stickers and promote a car-night at masons earlier this month.... myvi there, but it was just for promotion of the event..

can you spot piggy dugong.. time keeper it seems.. hahahah... (joking!)

cars all lined up after the event... finally it's over after a whole day... here piggy's honey bun (in the middle) smiling for the camera not knowing it was piggy's friend who was taking the pig.. that fella can wave somemore u know!! LOL

last final group shot before prize giving...

we were tired after a long day...

finally get to see piggy after everything.. that too only for a few mins... managed to shake hands with her honey bun... but that's about it... well can't wait to see her this christmas!! really need some emotional support now....

miss ya piggy!

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