Saturday, December 22, 2007

My cuppacakes! - part 2

ok, i've became a CuppaCake addict!! damn!! gotta stop, if not, sure become more broke!...
anyway, here are my orders for Christmas and for bday gift for 2 of my best buds... i just love the christmas ones..... should have ordered more eh? heheheheh
it's been a week since i got em, they're still in the fridge and is still fresh.. yes, i still have a few though it was hard to get some HANDS off them!!

when i went to the house to pic up my order, they had their Extra Boxes where they make extra and just left to be sold on their rack... so... since i was feeling itchy, i took a box... this theme was the Aloha theme.... they're the mini cupcakes... cute eh?

and here's the Royal9.... theme? Secret Garden... i just so love this theme... just imagine if i got em in the bigger boxes... u know, the Secret Garden theme, u can actually give them your fav colours and they'll follow it using the Secret Garden design.... cool!!! i didn't choose these colours but it's wonderful anyway!!

Sharon and Bee Choo.. hope you loved them! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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