Friday, December 21, 2007

MY cuppacakes! - part 1

i first kinda heard about CuppaCakes from KinkyBlueFairy... i wasn't too bothered about it as i was back home at that time... i knew it was only available in KL, couldn't get it in Penang, so what the heck...
then rosie dugong managed to get some for herself... and then i remembered that now that i'm in KL, i could have some for myself!!!!
so finally found the details on how to get some for myself.... hehehe.... finally one day, as the x was around, i made us go all the way to The Curve to The Appartment to get my first batch of cuppacakes.... the sight of it just made me smile.. it made me excited like how it was the first time meeting someone i didn't know, but knew in a way.... heheheh

managed to find The Apartment @ The Curve and it was a nicely decorated restaurant... wasn't too interested in the menu cause all i was looking for was the cupcakes! LOL... (sad i tell u hahahha feel so pathetic going crazy over these cupcakes)...

then i finally found them! all nicely sitting on 4 cake trays with different flavours and designs... yummy... wished i could have all of em...(greedy!) hahahha....
so i got 4 for myself... nyeh nyeh nyeh... and they were LOVELY!

me - a happy CuppaCake lover! (must remember to go back to The Apartment to try their food..)

as i went back to the office telling my colleagues about these cuppacakes, MakanKing just potong my stim la i tell u!! he just said, the cake itself just taste like any other butter cupcake and the whole hoo haa is the design.. well... i disagree with u MakanKing... i feel the cake IS nice and wonderful and the design and icing just compliments it! there!

so after afew weeks, i saw in their blog that they having Extra Boxes, where they make extra cupcakes and you can purchase them without making any orders.... i jumped to that offers and went all the way out to Damansara to get some again, dun worry, this time i SHARED with some ppl ok! i didn't eat ALL by myself! hahahha.... and now Daisy is a fan... and the x as well!! LOL

so this is what i got for my second batch... :D
(i've made and received AND tasted my christmas order! nyeh nyeh nyeh!)

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