Wednesday, May 09, 2007


so my friend called up to clear the air about the trip to kl- that wasn't.... it was ok, i said, if u have time to come, come, if not- it's ok, i understand...

is this weekend mother's day? gosh... i haven't had any plans... maybe i shall call dad to do something for me on my behalf.... hmmm...but didn't they go to Mama's for some good nyonya food without me? on my expense somemore? hahahah..... nah... just joking, have to remember to call dad tomorrow...

today, bigshots were supposed to come to the office today, so everyone was supposed to tidy their cubes and wear proper attire... but did they turn up? noooo..... why? because it rained ... like... O_O so tomorrow, we got to wear proper working attire as well... damn... i guess i should be grateful that i don't really need to wear proper working attire- most of the time, so if it's needed this one time, i shall abide to it... :P

got this months CLEO.... and it's the issue of 50 most eligible batchelors.... yea right!!!! looking at those faces... u can see some of them have the looks its because they are models... but the normal average joe- they ARE average joe! hahahhaha was briefly going through their short interview answers, some are lame, some u can say that they're trying and some are so put off.... note: i'm only half way through the list, haven't finished reading all 50 details..

i haven't been buying CLEO for quite sometime and now i've noticed that it has gotten thicker, NOT to say more articles, its more of adverts... sigh.... and half of them are so depressing, all about being skinnier, fairer, clear complextion and being beautiful with make-up... i mean for me, i can't wear makeup when i go to work, because everyday by the time i reach the office, i feel like for another bath because i'm all tired up and prespired to be even comfortable having paint on my face... no hard feelings to those who actually do wear makeup for work, i actually admire u girls because u can do it - i can't (maybe not yet)

alright i better stop complaining, i remember to make this blog a HAPPY one... so, think HAPPY POSTS!!!

sigh, i think i better go sleep la.... heheheh

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