Sunday, May 13, 2007

at another home

so i spent the weekend with my godma with my new lappy with "G604_wireless" and sometimes "tmnet" at a certain spot in the house... i made a plan on what to do with lappy when i get the chance but now we're with G604_wireless and tmnet, we don't know what to do... but in the end, as u can see on this new layout... this was what we did... give a new refresh look for this site... and i LOVE it!!! i just googled blogspot templates and after some clicking, i found this... lovely!
was supposed to go back to gombak tonight, but was just too lazy and i was enjoying my relationship with lappy and the other 2... but the i do need to get to work in the morning.. damn it! why do we need to work??? sigh.....
wanted to go do abit of shopping but i wasn't feeling too well, as how i always feel when it's that time of the month, so, quality time with godma and lappy filled my weekend. today's mother's day.... what did u guys do? me satisfied my craving for pg food with godma, went to Penang Village... too bad didn't bring my camera, they had nice garnishing... i had asam laksa heheheheh quite nice but can say abit too sweet... couldn't really taste the sourness... we had an entre too, 4 types- fish satay (more like otak-otak on a stick- nice), kerabu mango, pandan chic and lobak (halal of course)... oh and for desert - durian cendol! yummers!!! so... tummy is satisfied this weekend... heheheh
next weekend i'm not working and was wondering if my friend is coming over.... i hope there won't be another plan landing on me... sigh... if not, i may come back home to book something.. hehehehehh *wink*.... we'll see ya... we'll see....

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