Sunday, December 19, 2010

Restoran Nelayan, Bkt Malut, Langkawi

Restoran Nelayan Langawi, is located about 5km from Kuah Town in Langkawi, near Bukit Malut. a guide brought me here for some seafood dinner. was quite skeptical bout this place as it's kinda hidden and is at a mangrove swamp and fishing village.

when i was there, it was still daylight. no one was around except for us and another 2 Arab couples. they were having a hard time choosing and telling the chef what/how to cook their choices of seafood.

what was displayed was lots of fishes (different types) and seashells and veg. i spotted this weird shellfish. it was a huge muscle type of clam... weird looking. not sure how it'll taste like.. didn't dare since it was just the two of us, what if i didn't like it and it went to waste?

so i chose a medium fish and prawns for our dinner. the fish was steamed with sour veg.. interestingly nice. and the prawns was in thai/assam type of dish. lovely too.. not too spicy not too bland as well. the kailan veg went well with all these and rice. perfect dinner before the pubbing begins.

obviously the seafood was fresh and you can taste it, like it just came out right from the sea. half way through our dinner, more people came to this little hut. and it seems (from the guide) that lots of guides bring their customers here for dinner. so i'm lucky to have been brought here. too bad we couldn't try other dishes :)
so if u're in langkawi and looking for seafood, try asking around for this place. i'm sure the locals know it... btw, service is quite slow, but u're on holiday, u shouldn't be rushing off anywhere. so relax, chill and enjoy the cheap and delicious seafood here.

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