Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Loaf, Telaga Harbour, Langkawi

i remember the last time i visited Langkawi, this place was there.. and that was long long time ago... so this time, i told myself i'd go and try. especially when i read alot about it from other bloggers and friends who've been there.
The Loaf is a place that sells lots of different types of breads and pastries and tea-time snacks. they also have meals for lunch and dinner... i also noticed bottle of wines around the restaurant.

it's located at Telaga Harbour and it has a very English feel, where the outside is where you can see lots of yachts and boats at the marinas... what a sight! lovely! very calming effect too! check out the view from my table!! awesome isn't it! and the interior... very cosy, very homey too
what i had was a danish and fresh watermelon juice. wanted tea but i felt i needed some picker-upper... so the watermelon juice just did it! the danish was lovely too! fresh and soft.. just how i like it... then i saw their display fridge that was full with all these lil cups. u'd think it's cupcakes but it's not! it's cheesecake in a cup!

uhu! hu! is their brand of mini cheesecake cups! and they have lots of assortment flavours! the one i tried was the strawberry flavour one... my gosh.. i could have at least 5 of em! yummy i tell u!! it's just sweet enough, and the cheese is just right... melts in the mouth.. sure wish for some right now ... heheheh....the staff here was quite friendly telling me that people would come here to celebrate birthdays with these lil cheesecake cups and stack them like tier cakes... i can imagine! cute!
it seems they have other outlets in KL (at the Pavillion), have yet to go there to check it out. but it's nice to have places like this... lil cosy cafes... :)
so if u want a nice lovely tea time outing, i think The Loaf would be the place in Langkawi :)

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