Thursday, December 16, 2010

Babylon Bar, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

anyone who goes to Langkawi knows they must go to Babylon for some drinks and live band and to chill by the beach. they have food too!! was determined to get some dinner there and was walking up the beach to find this lil place.

i went there abit early (when there's still day light) to check out the place... not many ppl were there but the crowd started to come in later that night. their menu's were interesting.. looked like vinyls. i got myself a burger and a screw-driver :)

tell you the truth, the burger was ok ok only.. the meat was kinda dry and so was the buns so, was kinda hard to eat it... but it was ok, enough to fill the tummy. drink was good... think they put double shots of vodka for me.. was kinda tipsy just after that ONE drink... lol
i had quite a long day so i didn't really last long enough to see the crowd and to see the live band that they had that night.... hahah better luck next time, if i do go there with friends :) but from all the feedback i got from the ppl i know who went there, it's a place to hang out at night, with good laughs, friends, drinks, by the beach, sound of waves, live band...etc
so when u make a trip to Langkawi, do drop by this place and check it out... sure ONs one!!!


BabylonMatLounge said...

Hi, we r the representatives of the Babylon MatLounge Langkawi) How can we contact you (e-mail address will be great)?
Thanks in anticipation!

Babylon MatLounge said...

Dear Shimmer,
We are the representatives of Babylon MatLounge in Langkawi Island, Malaysia. With its turquoise seas and white beaches, 80 per cent of the economy of our island is linked to tourism, but overdevelopment and rainforest clearances are threatening the natural attractions that draw people to its shores. Our bar has been created uniquely using recycled driftwood and other natural and round material. It is important to us that we recycle whatever possible. We are here to share positive vibes, love and good music with people and popularize eco-friendly attitude at the same time.
We are writing this letter to ask your support for Kita Kitar which is a unique music and art festival that will be held in Pantai Chenang, Langkawi on the 31.03.2012. It will gather exceptional artist from all around the world from various genre of music and art background to showcase their talent. As the name suggested, this festival is also a platform to promote an environmental friendly campaign. Besides featuring current quality performance artist, Kita Kitar will also showcase Malaysian traditional artist to promote cultural heritage of Malaysia. Aiming to attract International audiences, we expect this festival to be a major boost to the tourism industry in Langkawi and also will open up an opportunity for local artist to gain invaluable experiences by sharing stage with top quality international artist and audiences.
We hope that you would be interested in participating in organization of this festival by posting the article about the festival in your blog. Our team want this idea to come true so we can attract more attention to the beauty of our island and necessity of its preserving.

We are waiting to hear a positive response from you as soon as possible. In case of any queries, please feel free to contact us at
Thanking you in anticipation,
Babylon MatLounge