Saturday, December 04, 2010

Underwater World, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

remember in my previous post of the Cable Car, where i couldn't go on it the first time cause it rained? what i did before my 2nd trip back there (when the weather was better) was that i went to Underwater World :) it's famous in Langkawi. not sure why but yea, ppl tend to must go there when in Langkawi. i went there because the 1st time i went to Langkawi, they didn't have the penguins, so after that trip, i read that they had penguins, i wanted to see em. i think they're cute.. lol
Underwater World is located at Pantai Cenang, it's the other end of the road of where my hotel is but because of the rented car, no probs. and i had all the time in the world to make as many trips i want up and down that road. :P

entrance fee, i think it's quite steep. even with your MyKad.... so i don't know, if u've been to this once, u can save that moolah for more.. ermm... happy juice ;)

1st up was the tropical section. it's somewhat like our jungles here. here's a big ass cat fish just staring at you... lol and other tropical fishes (extra large). there was a display of some small monkeys at one corner, not sure what monkeys are those but they were quite cute. too bad my camera zoom functions are not powderful enough to get good pics... (time to get a DSLR? lol) oh oh and they had lovely flamingos....

then next was the "cold" section where you'll see sealions cleaning themselves totally ignoring you and of course the penguins... some of em were just standing there staring out to space, ignoring you again and NOT moving. u'd think they're just "dolls" or something but really lah.... they're real.. just that they're not moving... not sure what's their problem.. lol managed to get some pics of them but the one i posted here is my fav... it's like the BSB group in tux and the colour lights in the background just made the pic! LOL. then there's this mean looking penguin, looks like a character out from Madagascar (the movie) lol... again this fella was not moving at all as well!!! what a scene!

then comes the deep sea life, where there's beautiful corals, colourful fishes and creatures and big ones too. walking in you'll be greeted by some alien cocoon like displays that have beautiful live corals in em. i love one particular one :) then furthur down, u'll see the sharks and many schools of other fishes. check out the clip of the sting-ray.. the tail damn long i tell u....

then there's display of prawns, lobster like creatures. here's a purple mini prawn, i think it's cute. love the colour too!! sorry.. my camera is not doing justice! and then there's the glow in the dark jellyfishes! sooo pweeety!!!! u could just stare at them and see how they move...

White Spotted Jellyfish

as i said earlier, if u've been here once, i don't think there's a need to go again. unless u're a superfan of underwater world creatures, be my guest. but keep an eye open on new exhibits just in case u want to catch the latest. cause i think the entrance fee is quite steep. anyway to ones opinion.

oh.. before i forget, when u head towards the exit u'll be going through lots of souvenir shops, if u're a crazy shopper, u might go mad but if not, it's just nice to looksee looksee for a bit, then near the door, you can have a drink or a light meal. next to the aquarium, there's the duty free shop.. now THAT where u'd want to go :)

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