Friday, December 24, 2010

Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Pantai Cenang, the most popular beach in Langkawi. it's where the hype and happenings are. it has lots of motels, budget inns, backpackers inns and chalets. there are also a quite number of convenient shops that sells everything from mineral water, to toiletries, to cheap beers, clothes and souviners. lots of restaurants too from breakfast bars, to pubs, chinese seafood and even a nasi kandar shop too!

the beach is very wide and long too, it's a couple of kms (i think). there's lots of beach sports going on, from jetski to parasailing. good to know the beach is quite clean too, though it's not clear blue waters like what you get at Redang.
sunsets at Pantai Cenang is quite beautiful too, though the time i went was not very good as it rains practically every evening/night. but the day was hot hot hot. the evenings i was there, it was cloudy but i know from the lil sunset that i got, it'll be beautiful during the hot season. so check the weather conditions before making your trip there.

suprisingly there were quite a number of seashells on the beach, most of em were broken ones but if you search properly, u'll find some nice looking ones too! there used to be lots of shells on Batu Ferringhi but not now... pity. so i'm glad that there are still some on Pantai Cenang :)

Pantai Cenang is a place to chillax and people watch at the same time. but just be aware that other people watch you as well! hahahah you'll see lots of different types of people. different ages, races from different countries... if that's your thing.

so again, come here to see what's the hype about but dun expect blue clear waters. :) everything's here, from food, drinks and beach beds.


Small Kucing said...

Happy Holiday to you

Shimmers said...

thanks! same to you too!