Friday, August 13, 2010

Thai Kitchen Restaurant @ The Heritage House, Penang

Thai Kitchen is restaurant located inside The Heritage House club. it seems they took over a previous restaurant and now it's a Thai restaurant. a friend of mine knows the boss and she brought some of us there to give it a try. when i went there, they were only opened 3 weeks ago. so they're still new, service was quite good. the place is very simple, few tables here and there, no fancy deco but cosy. nice place for group of friends or family.

kang kung sambal belacan - quite nice, veg was crunchy and not over cooked. it didn't have the over salty taste or oily (eventhough u see the pic - it's abit oily). i was practically just eating this with white rice, and nearly finished my rice even before the other dishes arrived.

the MUST-HAVE tomyam seafood soup! lovely!! hard to compare to the other GOOD tomyam places, but this is sure not a dissapointment! we even had a second smaller bowl... hahahha we nearly finished the soup, we were filled with water! it was kinda spicy but what's a tomyam that's not spicy right? eventhough i was "suffering" i was still enjoying it, just drinking the soup from the bowl! yum!
the menu showed they had otak otak and heck, y not try. and it came a lil differently from the normal otak otak u usually get. this one came in foiled and when opened, a big chunk of otak with garnishing and i think abit of coconut milk. when we dug in, at the bottom there were chinese sayur putih! quite a mix but somehow it all blended together. the otak otak itself tasted differently, it wasn't too spicy, but can say the taste is there. more "milkier" though...
then we had this fish, now i forgot how it's cooked. i don't think it's tomyam but somewhat. tumeric? not sure, but anyway, it was quite ok, it's steamed so it had that mild taste yet still addictive, can't really find that word to describe it. i guess it's because it's just different.

this was quite awesome! minced meat in soya sauce and spices. it's abit spicy but that's how it's supposed to be! lovely on it's own or with rice... yum yum...

for the time being i believe there's a 30% discount on the whole bill... but then again i went there a month ago or so when i wrote this. lol. parkings free at The Heritage House. at that time their desserts were not ready yet, so hopefully by now they'd have Thai desserts! will have to go back there again.

for those who like lemongrass juice/drink, my friends who likes it says this place has one of the best lemongrass drinks she's ever tasted - i don't like lemongrass! hahahha

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