Sunday, August 29, 2010

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Kuching, Sarawak

it was my first time in Kuching. i went there for the CHOICE National Conference and instead of we having our own mass at the venue, they planned for us to attend mass at St. Joseph's Cathedral in Kuching. i wasn't expecting much as no one mentioned how big or how this church would look like and yea, i didn't try to find out as well. so when we reached, got down the bus, then only i saw the church. it had a unique shape for the roof and thought it was cool.

wait till u get in!!!! i tell u... ur jaw will drop and u'll just stand there for a second or two to actually get it all in. i never been to churches in the Vatican or Rome or etc.... but this church was something for me to get me to actually say Wow out loud! wonder if anyone heard me! lol

the roof is super high, lights everywhere and the alter is right in the middle (someone said it was something like St.Anne's church but what's different is that the alter is lowered and the seats are higher, like an auditorium.. and i think that's the difference.
mass was celebrated by Fr. Simon who is also Kuching's CHOICE priest, and Fr.Dominic from Penang and i believe there's someone else as well, don't really know. mass was 1hr and i noticed how they kept it on time as well, hope masses in pg would do the same and not waste time. lol. anyhow, i'm glad to have seen this church, it was really something and it was different. nicely done!

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