Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 days for St. Anne

St. Anne's feast has come and gone for another year. and somehow i felt like doing something. it's been a while since i got involved in anything big, church-like, like this. and since it's ACTUALLY my parish, why not? i was skeptical in volunteering, knowing that most of the ppl i know are gone or it's been TOO long since i saw them and that now, it'll be younger unknown people to me. but i tried and i did not regret! :D
i've been assigned to the ice-cream and drink stall and i've met these 2 lovely ladies and of course other volunteers as well, they're such a great bunch! it's my first time selling ice-cream (scooping and all that) and it was fun! should i put that in my resume? Skill : scooping ice-cream, Beginner. hhahahahaha
at some times, i do help out with the serving of free food (rice and dishes) and that too was fun! especially scooping (hot) rice onto plates. i think i've reached my facial steam quota for the month! lol oh, and another entry to my resume? Skill : serving rice (nasi kandar style), Beginner :P

fret not, i've gotten my CHOICEe girls to join in too! and i'm sure they too had a great experience! there were many more people who came to help, but i didn't have much time to take pics - very the busy leh, so many ppl! but it's all good! and i hope the church had a good amount of donation! Thank You all!

so eventhough after every night, i came home with painful feet, but the feeling i had was something i never felt before, it's somewhat like feeling of peace yet i still can't put a finger on it, on what i was feeling. i do hope this feeling will continue, it's quite nice actually. maybe St. Anne's listening? i don't know. i'll just leave it up to her and HIM - let thy will be done!

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