Thursday, August 19, 2010

a Dugong picnic

a very very long over due post... i was going through my pics and wondered if i blogged them or not... and found out i didn't! lol! so here it is...
as the beginning of this year, we've tried our best to meet up at least once a year to catch up. one of our outings was this picnic! it's been a while since i/we had a picnic. i know, we're in Penang, the beach is practically 30 mins away or so and we don't make use of it... so here we are, having a picnic at the Lone Pine hotel (it's under renovation)

what we had? pancake spring rolls.. YUMMY!!! the Reutens macaroni, home made pork satay, piggies-in-a-blanket and my cuppies! oh and of course drinks and beer :)

the cousins

at that time my cousin from Aus was down and asked him to join us, he's the tall one (obviously) and such a funny guy. i believe he got along with everyone. we ate, we laughed, we bbq-ed the satay, we drank and eventually got wet in the water.

comparing heights!

the sun began to set and we got cleaned up abit and packed. we headed to Sunset Bistro for dinner. some were just thirsty, some were hungry. Mr.Capes later joined us for a bite too! so nice of him.

*for the record: that beer was mine, not the minor's
the perfect line up!

i think we hung out at Sunset Bistro for a few hours and then we headed back home to get cleaned. we were all sticky from the salt and sand but no doubt it was a good outing. hope to have another one, but i guess not too soon as 2 couples are getting married. maybe next year gang? :) miss ya'll!!

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