Saturday, August 21, 2010

Maureen turns a year older

another old post. :P
this time it's a bitter sweet meet-up with the girls. one's leaving to KL and one's turning a year older. we've been through thick and thin together and had gotten through it. and times like this just makes us wanna be this way forever, all happy, together, eating, drinking, dancing and having a great time. but as lives and time goes on, we will eventually as well.
every outing always starts with food, how not too man!!! it's a must!!! so this time we opted for something nicer (than the usual hawker stalls that's hot and stuffy and sitting on stools) which is Ingolf, yes, German sausages and meat! *wink* ooohh and of course German beer yo!!!

don't wanna tempt u with food pics, this time it'll be this - Mr. Paulaner!

after stuffing ourselves with meat (hehehe) and of course drinks, we settled abit before deciding where to go next. everyone agreed to cozy, live band, nice place with drinks.... and not sure who thought of it, Bagan came to the picture, so there was where we went!

we had a lovely assorment of cocktails and entertainment. later on Gino and friend joined us! what a lovely surprise! it's always a cheer when he joins us. more happening! lol. the cake was cut, faces oiled by the cream (hahahah) and drinks that were drunk... and oh... LOADS of cam-whoring i tell u!! my camera nearly went out of battery, just by ONE night! lol

the girl that's leaving, the girl that's a year older

hi Gino!

the night always ends with a group pic. and i believe this would be the last group pic we'll have. unless every one of us makes an effort to go to KL or the one from KL to come back to Penang for an outing again. but as of now, it'll all be stored in our good books and hope for the best for everyone! *miss you girls!* *huggies*

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