Monday, June 21, 2010

Twinsky Seafood @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

no, i'm not angry at YOU, but i'm angry with SixthSeal. yup he's the one who blogged bout this seafood place in Kota Kinabalu, i had to go and try it, and damn, now i'm back in Penang, i crave for this place.... SixthSeal is a very naughty naughty boy! lol (hahaha joking onli ah HB! )

gosh, i realised i took lots of pics of the front of the restaurant.. lol what was i thinking! *smacks her own forehead*
Twinsky (i say it as twin-ski, some say it as twin-sky) is in the heart of town of Kota Kinabalu - i forgot the name of the area. but i know this "food court" of seafood restaurants used to be an old cinema. now they've made it so it's open air and have many seafood restaurants just beside each other all fighting (competing i mean) for customers. so if you see a big open air type of food court with seafood restaurants - u are there!
the lalas here are big!!!
so is the prawn mantis
and the oysters
so are the crabs!!
so dinner was for 12 (including a kid) and mind you, all are big eaters, especially after a whole day on tour! we were crazyly hungry!!! so before our order came, we fed on peanuts and pickled papaya.. it's been a while since i ate that. then nearly ALL the dishes came at one time! imagine the limited space we had on the big table we had!!!

yummy yummy fish!!!

salted prawn gravy with crab
sweet and sour crab

sabah chai (veg)... LOVE IT!!! so crunchy!!

garlic lala

snails!? kinda difficult to get the guys out with the toothpic

oh my, these prawns were the BOMB!!! we were contemplating on whether to get another plate or not!! gosh!! i'm salivating now!!

with all those dishes, and drinks (no alco though) for 12 people, how much would the bill be? KL would be more than RM500 i think (feel free to correct me), Penang leh, maybe RM300? but this.... was just RM200 or so... yes! i know, i can't believe it either! that's like.... what RM16+ each?
don't ask me how the food was, i mean everything was just nice, not too salty, not too spicy, not too bland... it was cooked just right, fresh and fleshy. no complaints! the only complaint i have is that i wanna go there again! :P
now with this group, there is never a dull moment or a quiet moment, the only time we were quiet was when we were sleeping (at the hotel or in the van) but u'll never "hear" us being quiet any other time... BUT, when the food came and everyone dug in - THAT's when u hear silence... HAHAHHAHA... only after a while, u'll hear.. "eh the fish is good ah, what's that veg?, waaa the crab, can help with the snail?"...etc but... yea, it was the only other time we were all quiet, enjoying our food... heheheh

we wanted to come back for a second round on another day but we didn't have much time.... but yea, if i do go back to KK, i'll definately go get some twinsky seafood!! yummy!!
yea, i had to! :P

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