Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nightlife @ Waterfront, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

i actually wrote this post earlier but my desktop had to hang and restart, hence lost of everything i wrote here.. sigh... now lets see if i can remember.... need a beer...

what's a holiday without a nite out at the local nightlife area (or at least a drop in to see what's it like) right? and since we were staying just opposite the famous Waterfront KK area, why not! so we got ready one night (eventhough we were tired from the day tour) and walked opposite.

we decided to get into bed (not that bed but the club bed) to check it out, as we heard the live band playing a hit song. the place was not that crowded but it was filled with beautiful ppl (yea, i could cuci mata here more compared to the crowd at home - crowd at home = lame)... surprisingly that there were not cover charge for us... hmm...

anyway, the area is huge, very spacious, high ceilings like a warehouse and there's a big bar - well bigger than the clubs in penang though. the band was not bad too!! singing hit songs in their version - though we sort of found out that they were Filipinos.. we were hoping to catch some locals in action cause we know Sabahans are good musicians.... so after a few drinks and some dancing, we headed home. we will definately be back to try out the other pubs/clubs at Waterfront :)

the next nite, was i think out last nite or something, we headed to Waterfront again but this time we wanted to chill, easy music, chill place to sit and talk yet maybe dance a lil and we found this place.. Cock and Bull (filled with cock and bull stories? i don't know.. hehehe)

Cock and Bull is just next to bed. quite a contrast but then again Waterfront is a stretch of clubs and pubs, you just need to take your pick :D this place seemed nice, the crowd was abit older and there was a 3 piece band (which we found out were locals - YEAY) and a pool table, flat screen tvs which were playing football... and they even have an outside (behind the pub) for chilling and enjoying the water edge. lovely place to catch up with friends over some beers and grub. not as noisy as bed
the outside

we would love to try out the other clubs and pubs but we were running out of time. so for my 1st impression of KK - quite good, Waterfront is decent but i'm sure that there are other clubs in KK around the area that is as happening (or even more) than the places we went. maybe my Sabahan readers can bring me around when i'm there again? hehehe i do hope to go back to KK again.. it's a lovely place!


Ri... said...

Waahhh... nice!! I'll make sure I'll go there when I'm in KK next time... :p

Shimmers said...

Hi Ri,
i believe KK nightlife has more to offer other than Waterfront, hope u have friends there to bring u around :) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Next time try Step'In bar if you like some place very local and friendly (friendly prices too for the Waterfront...): live music, jaming, real pool table,...good fun (particulary the jaming in Malay or in english...depending on how many drinks you have...)! They also can advise you about other good spots in KK. I recommend.