Thursday, June 24, 2010

Morning Market @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

this is how it looked liked on a Sunday morning market in Kota Kinabalu (in town). it's packed with locals and tourists (such as us) and you can find all sorts at this marking. mind you, you have to be here early like maybe 8am or so... cause the stalls will start to pack at around 11+am... so in order NOT to miss any good deals, be there early!

there were 2 sides of the markets - 1st was where the veg & meats were sold.
but we did see these silver belts.. long time since i've seen any - too bad, too short for me.

then there's this stall with cut up pieces of cake - i knew it was SARAWAK layer cake but what the heck, i know we're in Sabah, but it's not like we can get these in Penang, so i got some :)

then among the veg sellers, we saw these packets of these Monsopiad Sago Worms.
they didn't sell these loose so we couldn't try (not that i wanted to hehehe)

after this first section of market, we braved ourselves to the MAIN street where the "action" is. u can hear ppl barganing, weird stuff being sold, live animals, lots of lil souviners, even clothes, jewelry, Sabah's famous pearls...etc whatever la u can think of, they have it, and even things you never thought of! HAHHAH check out SOME of the things that were sold there...

ok, so we came to this market early, without any breakfast, and soon after walking abit in the market (with the heat and all) some of us started to feel hungry, so we found this coffee shop that had some dimsum, thought i'd give it a try. it was so so...
at the coffee shop, there was this guy with his dog that was dressed up! O_O
cute but the dog stank - stank the whole coffee shop, not too nice that

soon after a few of them joined us for some munchies and found out the found huge avocados!
heard it's locally grown and i just had to take a pic of it.. haven't seen such huge avocados!

look who found a new job!!
hahaha found her sitting at a basket picking out these rose-type fruits for herself
she said it's good for the skin and it's of good quality

some of them finished the market earlier, so while waiting for the rest of us, they had their feet massaged by the blind. they were parked at the side of the market. seemed like they were quite famous as they were quite busy with their customers.

Morning Market in KK is quite a good place to go souviner shopping and to get local stuffs (and to mingle with the locals) though i believe it's more for the tourists than the locals. it's just like Batu Ferringhi, u being a Penangite, will not usually go there unless u're bringing a tourist friend/family right? i think it's the same case here, but i might be wrong. as it also looks like a place for grocery shopping and marketing.
i think i would enjoy this market more if there were less people and that it was not too hot, but it's all good, to experience Sabah this way :)

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