Sunday, June 27, 2010

local food @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

what's a trip without trying their local food? hmm? it won't be a trip at all! :) so when we were in KK, our first breakfast was somewhere in town and ate dried noodles (something like wan tan mee - but without the wantan) with either roasted chicken, or duck or char siew. they also had the famous Tuaran Mee and some sour soup or something. well being a Penangite (and i'm not only talking for myself - but all 12 peeps in the group) that 1st coffee shop was not very much to our liking.
but don't worry, after a few days, we got to know that the tour guide who brought us that 1st morning, didn't know where to go for breakfast... so...
anyway... the other tour guide brought us HERE, to fill ourselves before our trip to Pulau Sapi.. and omg.... for someone who don't really fancy or crave for beef noodles... THIS would have u craving for more!
yes, Kedai Kopi Shan Fu is located at one of the old shop lots that's down the road opposite the Sutera Harbour. i don't remember the name of the road but i remember lots of kampung houses on stilts along the way. and this place is quite hidden from the main road.
it's a very simple coffee shop like any other. we were early and i think we were the only ones there. everyone was telling me that beef noodles in Sabah is lovely.. i had a second thought and well why not, i ordered mine with dried koay teow and it was ..... *speechless*

hint: if you don't hear me talking while i eat = food is good = happy me!


since the others didn't want anything meaty/heaty... they tried the seafood noodles (soup style). and they said it was good too. even the fried Tuaran Mee was so much better from our previous tries, though this one was abit oily.

seafood noodle soup

fried Tuaran Mee
after this lovely breakfast (yes it was breakfast, not lunch) we headed towards the islands for some sun, sea and sand! what a way to start the day eh?
*i'm really sorry for not getting proper directions, but i think if u mention the name of this shop, and say it's near Sutera Harbour and near kampungs, i'm sure the locals around would know...

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