Saturday, June 26, 2010

Filipino Market (near Waterfront) @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Welcome to Pasar Kraftangan KK (also known as the Filipino Market - don't ask why.. hahahah) it's located very near Waterfront and Warisan Square. so imagine how convinient our apartment was! :)

don't ask what that dude is doing... hhahhaha

this place is like a complex of mini-mini lots, that is all very closeby, narrow and FILLED with things hanging from ceiling to the floor... from pearls, wall features, bags, clothes... u'll get a headache here... AND need lots of time comparing the prices with all the shops here. if not, u got to ee-nee-miney-mo to choose a shop.... u got to bargain too!!

i didn't spend much time here as i was not interested in buying anything.. things here are quite the same as at the Morning Market and gift stalls during our day tours... and i wasn't into pearls.. but i believe, those who are interested in pearls would find that this place has a good bargain... but then again, nothing beat like those real expensive few $K pearls... right?
outside/next to this complex was a shop selling dried foodstuff.. not really food food where u just buy and eat, but these were like dried fish, dried shrimps, dried squid... and well i also found dried sea horse!!! yea man!! have u seen this before!!! i felt sad yet interestingly curious.... i like sea horses when they're alive... but abit geli to see them dried... it's said it's for medicine purposes...

after a hot day out at these markets, we "tried" to chill with coconut water and jelly.. it did for a while untill our next stop... gosh, KK is sooo humid and hot!!! worst than Penang i think! hahahah...
so u shopping kaki, Filipino Market is an interesting place, and if u are lucky, u might find some good deals here :) give it a try if you come to KK ya :)

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