Friday, June 25, 2010

Rainforest Cafe @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Rainforest Cafe was like a heaven for us after walking around at the Morning Market. :D we were hot and sweaty and tired. thank God we found this place for lunch. decent cafe, AIR-CON!! and food's not bad either!!! this restaurant is located at one corner of a row of shops, just around the market area. can't exactly say where cause we just walked around looking for an air-con restaurant. hahahah... oh, i think it's just opposite the taxi stand as well.

the interior is quite interesting. there were fake trees, i guess to give the feeling that we're dining in the forest heheheh... but good try, it's quite comfortable too. and oh, this is where i met my friends sister as well, unfortunately didn't meet my friend - had the flu, poor thing.

cabonara - taste is nice, but just too much cream, it was very thick and creamy, everyone tried and it sort of put us off (jelak) after a bite or two. if it was watered down abit.. i think it'll be nice

set lunch - lemon chicken - quite yummy, if u don't mind chickens breast meat

set lunch - or was THIS lemon chicken? hahaha can't remember - this one had spicy minced chicken meat as a side appetizer.

set lunch - sweet sour chicken (i think) with a japanese side dish - lots of rice this one!

desserts that came with the set lunch - red bean and pudding - so so only

so if u're hot and sweaty and tired from shopping at the morning market, here's a good place to chill :) its very near, don't have to walk too far and it's decent, good food, prices too is not that bad. so i'd give this place a thumbs up :)

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