Monday, March 15, 2010

Amelie's Cafe @ Armenian Street, Penang

Amelie's Cafe is a lil quiant cafe on Armenian Street, just few meters down from the famous Edelwise Cafe. even the road is one way just enough for one vehicle to passthrough. it's in the heart of Georgetown, around the corner of many art galleries, the famous Khoo Kongsi and other Kongsi's around town. it took a while to find this cafe as the pics in other sites seems to give an idea that the cafe was bigger and easier to spot. but infact, it was actually cute. :D

the cafe used lots of recycling things for their deco and kitchen things. even the deco outside the cafe was made from old planks of wood cleverly painted and decorated with lots of potted plants. inside, you will noticed the walls are not really patched and i personally think that what they did was clever, it gives a cosy, homey feeling to this place - that it's not PERFECT. there's a part of the wall that they made it into a black board - smart! and they tables and chairs are all recycled, repainted and fixed. lovely, just lovely. there are some things in the cafe that are for sale, like some potted plants, paintings and of course Penang souvineers, baju and etcs... sometimes i wonder who is exactly Amelie... and is she the artist for the art and pieces of this cafe?

we didn't know there was an upstairs when we came in. only when we wanted to make a reservation, we were asked if we wanted it to be upstairs or downstairs - only then we knew that there was an upstairs! so being sibuks we went upstairs :D to our surprised, the tables and chairs are like those we had in school!!! sweet!!! memories all came rushing back when i saw those tables and chairs!! oh my!!!

the window was filled with lil potted plants and guppy fishes - not too sure if they had fighting fish. was interest me was the flooring, there were hand painted designs and i loved it!! very personal, sweet and simple.

just a lil draw back about this place - if u came in the middle of the afternoon-ish.. i believe it's gonna be really hot and stuffy. we went in the morning so it was not as bad, but i think it'll be much hotter in the afternoon - i may be wrong though, i've yet to experience this cafe for lunch.

so as i said earlier, we came for breakfast. we thought this place opened at 9am.. we reached at 9.30am and the door was closed. but was not too sure, we peeked in and found out that it's opened. we came to find out that they had the cafe opened at 8am before for breakfast, then it changed to 10am... it's just a 3month old cafe and i think they're just getting used to the crowd preferences.

back to breakfast, i had a hot mocha, the girls had cold latte and i think hazelnut coffee, i think. drinks was quite good. it took a while for our food to come as there were only 2 staff in this cafe to cook/make drinks. lil reminder - don't patronise this cafe if u have appointments to keep.. come with an open schedule and someone to chit-chat/catch up with or with a good book if u're planning to come alone, or if u're high tech - come with your BB or iPhone (or any phone) with internet connection! lol! not too sure if they have wifi though.. hmm.. forgot to ask.... OR for those who like to day dream, look outside the window type of person, this would be a good place :D

when they mentioned toast in their simple menu - i was thinking toast of slices of bread like from Gardenia or High5... and i made 2 orders of Amelie's special toast (pic above) and double toast with eggs.... what we got was rhye bread - very thick slices.. i was struggling to finish the 4 slices i had! no more bread for the next week! lol

Amelie's special was toast with a spread of yogurt with banana and a dash of cinnamon powder. lovely, not too sweet, not too sour. very healthy i'd say :) the half boiled eggs were just nice, not too watery and not too cooked - so that's a thumbs up. and we decided that the jam was of a branded brand of jam... but not sure what brand, as the shop had lots of jam bottles.. of DIFFERENT brands! lol

the black board had the menu for that day's lunch. it seems the menu changes daily, so if u wanna try everything on their menu - sorry to say, u got to go there everyday! LOL hahahah...

anyway, that day they had portabella mushroom soup, my cousin said it's very think but it somewat lack of taste - maybe just needed a lil bit more salt or seasoning. but overall was good. then she had the tuna sandwich - kinda big portion as it came with potato salad and caramelised pineapple. that's one hearty and healthy lunch there!

(i was kinda stuffed with my breads that i missed lunch that day! lol, so.. i got to go there again to try they lunch menu...)

i'm a sucker for desserts, so when i saw choc almond cake with ice-cream, the kid in me made me order it... lovely though the cake was abit dry and thought it was a brownie.. :) but overall it was a nice finish to our lil breakfast/brunch outing!

would definately come back again, (maybe with a date? heheh who knows...) to try their other offerings in this lil cafe in Penang!

for more reviews, check out Cheryl's blog or knowing Google is everyones best friend - i'm sure u can find more reviews on Amelie's cafe there! :D


Haruki said...

Hi, it's good that I stumbled upon your blog, I'll be visiting Penang next week, so I'll try to drop by the cafe. The pic of the shopfront looked like it's from some European village. Great description and good pics, thanks!

Shimmers said...

thanks for dropping by!
wish u good luck in finding the cafe as it can be abit tricky. i stayed here all my life also had some difficulty as the roads are one way.

anyhoo, hope u'll enjoy yourself :)
remember, make sure u have time to spare as service may be slow... only 1-2 cooks...

Jacgy said...

No more upstairs n no taking picture sign hanging there :(