Sunday, March 07, 2010

bits here and there

my shift has gone back to my original one (sun-tues/wed), the one i PREFER, hence social life is properly back on track again but then, i got to get used to it. last week was my first week with this shift, so need some time to get used to it. though i do miss my sundays off, like today, was supposed to join the gang for coffee-morning at OLS, but couldn't.. :( i hope my cupcakes are all sold off! :)
so what's up for march? myviC TTs, more CHOICE meetings and road show, hopefully a dinner with the Dugongs, one night shift, inter-parish badminton tournament (for the record, i'm not playing.. heheh), and hopefully more times seeing "him" :)
works been well stressfull, because of coverage, people leaving last minute, new ppl coming in for training, and getting tension for my leaves in April (going to KK).. hopefully all will turn out well...
i've been given an option to go to AS for a day trip (CHOICE related) but i'm not sure if i wanna go, i'm sure i'm about 90% moved on, but anything could just trigger that "feeling" and it might just confused me, but then again, i also wanna go to see if i'm strong enough, to know that i'm ok, that i can handle it and that a place with lots of memories can't move me.... the dates not set yet, but it'll be soon, one of the saturdays... and by then, i'll have to figure out if i wanna go or not...
the heat in Penang is horrible, i get up sweating, i sweat after coming out from the shower, the sofa, seats, bed, cushions, pillows are all warm-ish, even the tap water in the sink is hot!! there's 3 fans in the hse that are being blasted, one at #3, one wall-fan at #2 and one at #4 - and we are still sweating - even my mum suggested to get the industrial fan where you can put on the floor facing up. my room - aircon at #20 (can't go down to #16...) WITH the fan at #2 and i'm still sweating.. wts man!! the only place that's freezing is at work, and that's the time i feel soo sleepy!! (cause i can't seem to get good sleep at home)
oh.. i'm trying to get that song/mix that's being played on the radio. it's a track done by some DJ who mixes all the hit songs into one. love that mix, but everytime it's being introduced on the radio and mentioned the DJ's name, i can't seem to catch it or remember it.. does anyone know it? the title of that track too? PLEASE tell me...
there's an A&W opened in Jusco Perda! YEAY!!!! been there twice already!! awesome! the first time i went there with mum, we had the waffle but it was half cooked - lol, mum said it was their first time using the waffle oven... hahaha like la we know, saja say... we got it replaced anyway... so new fast food outlet here! move over KFC and McD (and even Old Town!!) but Black Canyon, i still love you! :D
recently i was given an insight of someone close and it shocked me at that moment - but i figured that all of us grow up with new experiences, places, people.. where during this journey we try to find ourselves, on who we are. when the stories were spilled out to me, i realised that everyone keeps secrets, not because we don't trust anyone with it, i believe, it's just something we got to do - to keep it to ourselves. and i understand. i too have my secrets. so to my friend who spilled the beans, i was in shock a teeny-weeny moment, but it's ok, don't worry, i'm not judging you. i understand your situation and it's ok - we are all learning and figuring out what we can/cannot do while living this life :D u're still one of my best friends k! *hugs*
someone told me recently too, to give one of my friends a chance, to show that she's a good friend, that she's alright. i know she's alright, and i understand she has lots on her shoulders, and i guess i should give her a break and a chance, but my argument is that i feel i'm giving her the chance and is all open to hang out, spend time..etc.. but she's not putting in the effort on her end. anyway, i'm following the flow, as i know everyone has their own lives to live, own problems (family, work, boys/men), so if we are to meet any time, i'll be giving her a "chance".. :D
i guess that's what happened for the last few weeks... there's pics to share, but kinda lazy.. heheh... haven't been out food hunting too... it's no fun food hunting alone u know.. heheh anyway, have a good March lovelies!

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