Sunday, March 21, 2010

CNY - 2010

i know i'm very cacat when it comes to blogging, i blog on events that happened months and ages ago.... hehehe well, isn't this one way to freshen memories? hahaha i know i know, it's all excuses! LOL... well, whether u like it or not, here's one - my how-i-celebrated-CNY post :P

it started as usual with a MyviC TT on the eve of CNY. but this time it was different, it was a combined TT with BLM club (and i think WajaClub as well). we met up at Starbucks New World Park and headed off to Esplanade for some pics, but there was no parking space there - too crowded (know la.. CNY eve + V'day Eve + by the beach = packed with people). then we headed to the clocktower opp the jetty/QEII for a while and in the end we ended up at a place called "gurney 4" (i've no idea why they called it that). this time there was only 4 of us from MyviC, sad but true, 2 PPK us (we thought they were dating each other) and well the others, MIA. but overall, we had some great laughs which is a good thing :)

now this year, CNY falls on Valentine's Day, weird but true. double celebration? well depends on the individual. i asked #1 out (unfortunately i asked very casually) but he balik kampung.. so yea, then i asked #2 out, he said ok (maybe not knowing it was V-day, he agreed...) but in the end something came up which he had to go outstation AND also he kinda FORGOT that he agreed to go out with me... so yea... bummer... sigh...

so the ONLY man i could rely on in such situations is my one and only dad - whether he knows it alot, i love him! though it was just an ordinary dinner out, i was glad i was not home, on the couch going through the 6 national channels that we have on tv...

surprisingly dad wanted to try something new, and we saw Iciban Ramen and thought we'd give it a try. i've tried this place once with BC, it was so so, but it's good to hear that my dad wanted to try something new :D

2nd day of CNY, was the usual gathering of the 3 at BC's house. i fetched Sharon and headed to BC's place and started to catch up, eating CNY goodies (eventhough i had a very bad cough) and stuffed ourselves with lovely lunch :D we were there most of the afternoon and i got 3 angpaus!!! heheheheh

then later at night, i met up with Thi, we always say that we'd meet up but always our schedule clashed.. how come we all so busy ah? ahhaha... so we met briefly over some snacks and did some catching up too, bout how sucky our jobs are and news on our fellow CBMers (if there were any news). also during drinks, Franklin dropped by to say hi for a lil while, it's been ages since i saw him too! :D

dad was itching to have yee sang, so we invited my mum's goddaughter, Melanie to join us and we went to dad's fav restaurant. a teow chew restaurant in Chai Leng Park - dimsum in the morning, choo char at night. their food is quite ok, it's one of our usual makan places. surprisingly what we had this year was quite similar to what we had last year - except this year we had pai kut ong! LOVELEH!

so after lohsang-ing the yeesang and makan-ing dinner, we were itching for some ice-cream!! again dad surprised me - Haagen Daaz!! my my! yummy!! but we were soo stuffed that all we could take in was a single scoop each... damn.. was hoping to try the fondue... good to have u with us Melanie, it was something different :) (in a good way! heheh)

now, what i was looking forward this year was this dinner with the Dugongs! 1st time we gathered for a CNY yeesang/lohsang dinner, too bad UncleB couldn't make it :( anyway, it's my first time dining at this place - the chinese restaurant at 1-Stop or some calls it Midlands Park. we made sure that the place we wanted to go had roasted duck and suckling pig!! so yea!

this is the BEST yee sang ever!!!

anyone drooling yet?
~ duck skin in sweet sauce ~

u can pity the cute lil piggy on the plate all you want but we whacked it! yum!
(it could do with more meat though - was kinda skinny)

Dugongs (missing Uncle Ben)
after dinner, Becks said she got an ice-kacang machine at home and all the ingredients and asked us to join her to make some ice-kacang. half of us went and had a lil fun! :) we had some great laughs and "wedding" chats (yea, 2 of em are getting married this year) and everyone all getting excited :) we finished of the night with some Turkish tea in and English tea set - how diverse we are!! lol!! lovely night out ladies!! (and guys! heheh)

this year, somehow i had 3 sets of yee-sang and the final one was with the CHOICE team. we managed to gather 2 tables of CHOICEes and Fr.Dominic for a course dinner. it was in Coconut Palm (or something like that), a chinese restaurant infront of the ex-IPG college in town. i don't know what was wrong but i was not too hungry, didn't really have that excitement to eat (which i usually have when it comes to trying out new places), so maybe it's me or not but i thought the food was so so... sad to say the yee sang was quite, well, sad... it looked like it was out from a box - it was full of keropok. the dishes though, some were good, and i can't believe myself, i couldn't finish the soup!!! argghh.... something was definately wrong with me that night.

because father like tasting wine, and few of us too, we sort of brought some bottles. we had about 5 bottles or so, and a Malibu! hahaha and at the end of the night, lets just say some were very red, lots of laughing and nonsense! :D yup! all bottles were empty (well except for the Malibu - not supposed to mix wine with other types of alco)... bottom line, we had to sober up at a mamak stall near by before we could drive back... lol

finally, wat way to end the CNY is by a short visit to the local clubs. met a friend at Soho's for a lil while after the dinner and surprisingly met these two!! was so good to see them again - fun crazy girls! lol.. over all, it was a good start to the year of the tiger :D cheers!!

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