Tuesday, January 05, 2010

What's up this Christmas 2009?

Christmas was quite busy for me this year, it's because we had family over from over-the-sea and lots of planning/outings to do..
so first up, started with the Dugongs and we made a pact to come in either red and/or green :D the meet up was at E&O Buffet Lunch. as expected, the food was abundant and delicious!! too bad i didn't have much time to spare, i was practically swallowing my food :( any how, we had great time makan-ing, chatting, laughing and had our gift exchange. the higlight of the afternoon was that becks had swapped ros and my presents. so i actually opened ros present and ros opened mine.. u can imagine the mixed looks on all our faces!! LOL..
and because cyn and i had some hotel membership thingy, we all eventually paid RM31 each! coolness!!!

the cousins
had to lah... infront of E&O lobby christmas tree
Christmas DAY itself was cool and calm. my parents and i went to Holy Spirit Cathedral for Christmas Mass in the morning. the choir was good, made me cry at one point! so very the touch-ed. and knowing a few of the choir members were my friends, i had to go up to them later to wish them. *hugs*
after mass, we went to YMCA - 747 restaurant for "brunch". we all had a light meal as we knew we were gonna stuff ourselves at dinner hehehehe.... then it was nap time at LeNid (while waiting for the dubai ppl!)
finally about and hr late or so, they came, reason baggage got lost.. poor things. so after quick catch up, gift exchange with the kids, we headed to Smokey Jacks for Christmas Dinner. i was hoping to get some ribs, but unfortunately they only had their christmas menu which consisted of chicken, lamb, fish combo (with white or red wine). dad had an extra mug of beer :D

(will do a review of Smokey Jacks soon - with food pics)

then after a hefty dinner, mum had another party to go to and dad and i went to A.Esther's for desserts! wondered what we were gonna have and true enough, her famous TRIFLE!!! gosh!! it's been a while!! maybe one day i'll make one just for fun!!
so there, we met the Aussies (A.Jean and Wayne) and the dubai ppl, had desserts, chat, laugh, joke, gift exchange again and we played Battle of the Sexes - curtesy of the aussies. was kinda fun yet got boring at one point cause no one knew the answers! LOL. of course we had beer and coffee-liquer as our drinks *hic*

after a few days, we met up with my parent's God-Daughter and her family who have been a close friend of the family. we had dinner at Little Cottage 2 @ Waterfall Hotel. surprisingly it's my first time there and the food is WONDERFUL!!! wonder why i never been there... we all had a mixture of meals, fish, salmon, lamb, steak... imagine how full we were... and yes, what's Christmas without EATING! lol!!

so that's my christmas! how was yours? stay tuned for New Year's Eve! hehehehhe... that's gonna be a good one!

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