Wednesday, December 30, 2009

it's already 2010????

my my.. how fast did this year go. very fast i'd say. so much has happened, so much i've gone through, seen, heard, lots of tears, laughter, made new friends, lost some, gained back some, lost a love, lots of battles between the heart and the head, good-wrong-bad-right, logical and emotional and religion battles, between responsibility and consious... sometimes i wonder how the hell did i go through all that and come out alive. i guess THIS is what life is, whether u like it or not. issit a clean cut of 50/50 good and bad? i can't say for sure as ppl tend to remember the bad more than the good.
all i can say, that we learn from our mistakes this year and try to be BETTER the next, grow a lil, be smarter and hope that 2010 will have more good things than bad.
remember your loved ones, don't take them for granted. i've lost my grandfather this year and we all thought he'd live till a hundred. also i've learnt that (some) friendships DO last, just have to be patient, eventhough it takes a few years to have it mended. so yea, i pray that i'll move on with my life, find a life partner soon and have a great year ahead - and i pray for you too ;)
Happy New Year everyone!


Marvin Lee said...

Happy New Year 2010!

Shimmers said...

Happy New Year Marvin!