Friday, January 29, 2010

Terry Reutens turns 60

1st there was the big hoo haa regarding someone turning 50... but that was not as bad as turning 60!! yup, my dad turned 60 this year. it got me thinking, has he lived his life the way he wanted? did he do the things he love? or did he take everything that was given to him and learned to adapt, love, live with it? i think that's what all of us should be doing. to look back to see how far we've gone and how to make it better in the future.
i had this thought a year ago, that i would treat my dad to something special - a round-the-island trip on a helicopter/small plane... where he will sit in the cockpit! but unfortunately Tanjung Flying Club in Penang don't do such thing anymore :( what a waste...
anyway, we had a nice gathering of close friends for dinner for his birthday. it was held at 747-YMCA. everyone agreed that the food was wonderful - though some didn't like the szechuan and the yam basket.. hahah

Bayan Baru friends and Anna

my girls and mum's friends

mum's friend and sister Loretta (my Godma)

mum and our family friend

dad's ex-boss

mum made the cake - her famous sugee cake and i iced it!

it was supposed to be in blue but because of the buttercream (yellow) and the yellow lights in the restaurant, the colour turned out greenish/terquise-ish. in the end, it looked quite paddle-pop-ish colour! hahahha

my mum was cutting the cake to serve to our guests when my friend offered to take the family pic! hhahhaah looked like she's the one turning 60!

group pic - not all were in, some went back early

so i hope my dad had a great time, he didn't know half of the guest list - mum and i didn't want to tell him. and he didn't know what food we ordered! heheheh...


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