Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I like it Longer?

why? cause it's too much fun!! hahaha... i'm talking about how i spent my new years eve la... aiyo, what did YOU think? :P

it was a long (and interesting) journey for Lynn and i, planning, discussing over millions of emails, calls to gather info, get the proper people to set up this big bash! and i actually loved doing it!! hence one of my FB status - wrong line of job! lol

anyway, on the 30th, things started to come together, the canopy, the sound system, the projector, the lights.... we had a pre-new years eve gathering by watching Russel Peters and a christmas movie on our (rented) home theater (projector and screen). wished it was wide-screen with crystal clear HD resolution (like the LG Chocolate BL40) though it was a lovely experience, cool night air, suttle breeze, drinks and great family... this is why i like it longer
then finally the day came, it started out hectic, the caterers came to setup the tables, cutleries, deco, lights.... we on the other hand started to bring out our own decos, having headaches on how to decorate the whole house, inside and out, wished we had the LG Chocolate BL40 to take 5.0 MPixels pics of the area and test run the decorating "scene" in 3D graphics so that we have a better idea on how to decorate the place
with my partner in crime - Lynn

Lynn's family

so the party people started to come as early as 8pm and things are starting to get busy, almost 50 ppl came, lots of food, drinks, chit chat, laughter with hugs and kisses. there were loads of surprises through out the night as well!!! here are some of the ppl who came... hard to put all the pics here...
with Dad

Esther and Teck Chye

Jean and Wayne

cousin Cheryl

Aunty Betty and Andre

Michael, Anita and son Andre

with Audrey

crazy cousin Luke

i had also invited some of my friends from CHOICE, from college, school and other friends, but not all turned up. the CHOICEes that came were Irene, Audrey, Fiona (Tan), SuSee and Elizabeth. missing friends were Jessica and Brian, Sharon and Bee Choo, Telly, Mark, Bella, Hanie, Isfendy, my lovely KL friends and not forgetting the Dugongs - Rosalind + Mr.G, Becky + Mr.A, Benji + Ms L, Cyn + Mr.J. missed you guys!!!

Cheryls gang - fiance Edzil, Jean and Ian

there were definately loads of other people who came to this superb i-like-it-to-be-longer party! there were Dave's family, Teck Chye's family and friends, Cheryl's in-laws, Anna's sister and friends, Reutenses from Australia, KL and Ipoh, old doctor friend of the Reutenses...etc gosh the list could go longer!!

there were slide shows on our "rented" home theater, dancing with disco lights and smoke, 2 big speakers (with inbuilt sound system), we even had mic for speeches (and occasionally instructions) and lots of dancing and drinks!! this was the night i heard someone mixed two types of wine and i tried the mixture of kickapoo + tequila!!

the countdown was something too!!! we had a (small) clock on the projector, loads of poppers, banner and bag of balloons to fall and not forgetting AIR-HORNS!! big and small, and all different types of noise makers!! i felt like this was a party at a club!!! to those who didn't come, u guys really missed it!! we were sooooo loud that at one point, a police car came by to "advise" us to keep it down after midnite! heheheh....

*oohh.. check out the vid! (not too clear though)

so yea, this new years eve party is a party on Why I like it Longer! i want it to last, the fun, the family, the friends and the memories we make with each other! to all who came, it was good to have seen you after so long and hope you too had a great time and to those who didn't come, maybe next party ya! *wink* and to Lynn, Dave and kids... it was great working with you guys on this! great experience!! love ya!

*this post was brought to you by LG Chocolate BL40 Nuffnang competition :D (hope i win this)

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