Saturday, January 23, 2010

CHOICE Penang - Xmas and NY dinner 2009/2010

on the 2nd of January, CHOICE Pg organised a Christmas & New Years Dinner at Lil Cottage 2, Waterfall Hotel. family and friends of the CHOICEes were invited and gathered here for dinner and some fun. the food was great (though the replenishing of the food was kinda slow) and i believe it was a success and everyone had fun!
part of the committee

we had a table outside collecting tickets stubs for lucky draw and handing out door gifts, thanks to some wonderful sponsors! :) yea we had lucky draw too!! gosh we prepared soooo many lucky draw prizes!! pity you didn't make it!

our wonderful MCs were Maureen and UNCLE Eddy! hehehe, they were wonderful! Maureen was a cheer to the crowd (btw she's still single). there was no dull moment! heheheh speeches were started off. first it was our CC1 - Elizabeth (she too is still single), then to the Bishop... yea, THE Bishop came! later on when Fr.Dominic arrived after celebrating mass, he gave a short speech. then dinner was served, it was really yummy i tell you!
and the fun and activities started! first off was a father-daughter (fellow CHOICEe - Maria, still in college/part time working) duet of 2 songs. lovely voice!! then there was a game of who can drink the fastest! from a milk bottle! the participants were very encouraging! such a sport!!

then there was a slide show of the activities CHOICE Pg had - such as meetings, birthday gatherings, outings..etc (dad thought i made this slide too - cause i made 2 slides for the family NYeve party.. hahah - yup my parents came with 2 of their friends, and my cousin Suzanne). in between these we had our lucky draw! and nearly half of those who attended got something - which is good! we also had treasure hunt, where there a list is given of things you need to find. it's no easy feat i tell you!! who now a days wear a brooch? or a WHITE hair pin? hahahha anyway somehow someone managed to find all on the list and won a prize!! lastly we had gift exchange, where SuSee (single as well) read out the Nativity Story and we had to pass the gift either to the Left or Right whenever she mentioned the word "Left" or "Right".. what a sight! everyone was confused and loads of laughter! hahahah

then the dinner ended with the CHOICE song! over all it was a good outing, everyone was in their best attire, looked lovely, filled with good food (and drinks.. heheh *hic*), had lots of laughter and went home with a present
it was great helping the team out on this and am looking forward to the next event!! *cheers*!

*more pics HERE

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