Monday, January 25, 2010

peeps came to visit!

yea i got nothing else better to blog about, so thought i'd cerita bout some out-of-station peeps who came to visit penang (and me! i hope) recently... funnily, both peeps were originally form sabah AND!! i brought/met them at Hard Rock!! damn, when will i finally get to go there in DAYlight? everytime i go there it's at night... hmm....
ok ok...
first off it was Rainer Yong that came to Penang, i was extatic!! finally get to see him after wat.. 8 years???? my my... he does looks better, got to give that to him :D he came down to Penang with his family for his father's co. family day, met his dad and sisters for the first time (though i've seen them before in church, but never got intro to them.... Rainer's fault).
i drove him some-what around penang at nite, when everything is ..errmm... closed! we went to Gurney Drive for his koay teow soup (he already had CKT), then wanted to find a cool place around gurney, town area for a "watering hole"... but it was a monday night, so yea... in the end, we ended up at Sunset Bistro and finally got our drinks.
we managed to catch up as much as we can, family, friends, work, life... so much has happened and i believe we both turned out OK.. not that bad! so that's good, had great laughs, great insights and intellectual conversations... heheheh...
hope we'll still be in touch and hope to see him again. *hugs* dude!
then, there's THIS girl who i've been waiting for her to come to penang ever since i met her at Datacom, and FINALLY she came!!! her trip too was very brief and no thanks to my wonderful shift, i only managed to see her for few hrs at night.. where EVERYTHING was closed.. sheesh
so finally Miss Monica Kong, arrived in Penang, with her dad, bro and bro's gf. though i didn't meet them (they were sleeping already - yea it was THAT late when i got to see her). she too i sort of did the same thing, i drove her around town, showing her places to go for makan, see, so that she can save it on her GPS, for her to use the next day with her family..
then i brought her to B.Ferringhi night market, let her see some stuffs but in the end we both bought dvds!!! LOL!! we didn't get any drinks this time, but did managed to sit to grab a bite and catch up, with our mutual Datacom friends, partners, work.. it was good having to talk to her. made me feel (more) to go back to KL...
then i couldn't resist, i had to bring her to Hard Rock and at the same time the dugong's were there chilling! hehehe... kill 2 birds with 1 stone. monica finally met them as per pics on FB and like wise (i think). she said it was cool... :P
yeap, missed monica lots, and hope to see her again the next time i go to KL.. i'm counting my days/months... MISS YOU MONICA!!!!! *HUGS HUGS HUGS*

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