Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Penang Island Jazz Festival 2009

i know i know it's an overdue post. had no time ler....
again, Penang Island Jazz Festival was organised by Mecedez-Benz Malaysia at Bayview Beach Resort. and since the last time i went was with my dad, i thought he'd want to go again. it was actually a last minute decision as we only got tickets on the day itself.
we went early as we wanted parking and a good spot to sit. but were too early as the doors were not open yet. so we hung around the lobby, there was one jazz performance going on and exhibitions. i met a long lost friend, Darren (looks still the same), did go up to him, but i doubt he remembered me. he was all polite asking how am i and all but had to leave, so yea, i think he doesn't remember me anymore. oh well....
since the doors to the even was not open, dad and i just chilled at the garden, dad even ordered tea and cakes! that IS the life, by the beach, on a deck chair, tea and cakes, wind in the face. i even had a very short, light nap! niceness!!

the time came and we started to get in, ppl came in with mats (as us too) and finding a good spot. we were not allowed to take videos but i'm sure everyone sneaked to take a short clip now and then - they had "bouncers" walking everywhere checking to see if anyone was taking vids.... :-S anyway, we got a good spot, right infront, not too close, not too far. and thank God the weather was great!

part of the crowd - the place became full towards nightfall

because this post is totally over due, i can't name the bands that played that night, as far as i remember, there were Japanese bands, Irish, English and American, Brazilian, Australian... i'm sure if you went HERE you'd get the list.

this was interval, for everyone to grab some drinks, bite and toilets. we were getting abit sore from sitting on the ground for 3+ hrs.. lol, not young anymore. when there was short breaks, i would lie down just to be comfortable for a while. it's nice to lie on your back and watch the stars for a while... hmm... reminds me, need to go to the beach one of these days... who's for it?
ok ok, back to this, i sneaked out for a while to see an old friend who was next door at Hard Rock. it was just a quick 10mins or so to make plans for the next day. coming out from the hotel, there were cars everywhere!! parking at the side of the road.... see, lucky we came early.
back at the event, dad and i wanted to get something to eat but the food was extremely expensive!!! in the end we just shared a hot dog and a starbucks coffee. it was just over priced!! what's worst, we couldn't bring our own food, either you pay for expensive simple food, or miss the even to go out to eat.

overall it was as what was expected, a good show, good line up of gigs and a great turnout - this time, because we were early, we got a complimentary cd!! how cool is that!! u can play over and over again hehehhe....

so the next installment, would be in Sabah, i'm sure my friend (who was at Hard Rock that time) would be thinking of going - cause he's from Sabah.

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