Thursday, December 17, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

my first overseas trip was i think in 2005 or so to Sydney, Australia. it was not exactly my first time flying (have flown MAS before but between Penang <-> KL). it was abit scary at first but i loved it. planning for the trip was kinda confusing, i wasn't too sure about online booking and all that and dad wasn't too convinced with using his credit card over the internet, hence we resorted to a travel agent.
anyway, when i got on the MAS plane, i got excited. there were beautiful stewardess, food was surprisingly great AND the movies! hehehe... told myself i'd watch movies for the whole duration of the flight (which is, mind you 8 hrs) but in the end after 1 movie or so, i fell asleep.
so far on the flight i was impressed, i thought, i like MAS, though maybe the seats should be abit bigger.... ehheheh

when i reached Sydney it was coooooold (yea, clever me i went during winter) but i loved it. i stayed with my uncle and cousins and they showed Sydney to me. i saw the Sydney Oprah House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Bondi Beach! and many more places! gosh, miss that place, would love to go back there again (maybe when i win this eh?)

then the second time i flew with MAS was when i had my 1st trip to Dubai (that's another 8 hr flight... some how i'm prone to 8 hr flights.. why ah?) a year after the Aussie trip. that was another experience, again, i still had no idea how to go abouts on the MAS website (was still a chicken shit) to book tickets and again, we had to go back to the travel agent.

anyhoo, the flight was good, food was great! service was too! (but again, seats should be bigger la... for economy.. heheh).

and when i touched down to Dubai, it was hot! hahah funny how my first trip with MAS was to winter season and 2nd was to summer/desert season! stayed with my cousin and also been around visiting the great sites of Dubai! like the ever famous Burj Al-Arab!

then after afew years, i had the chance to go to Dubai again AND with MAS again too! and as expected, i got the same good service as i had few years ago. which is good! and especially the food, it's consistent... :) this time my cousin and i went on the MAS website did our research, and it was quite convenient! we managed to get the dates and timing but due to some unforseen circumstances, we had to relate back to the travel agent, but at least thanks to the website we did our homework! :D

this time i got to see more of Dubai, like Wild Wadi Water Themed Park, went on a Sand Dune ride, and even a limo ride!! how cool is that!!! if MAS weren't too convenient, i wouldn't have made that trip! :D

just to add to the list of MAS services, i recently went on a trip to Phuket with Firefly, again the same consistent service and how easy it is to book a package on the Firefly website. and YES! this time i did it ALL online!! but wouldn't it be easier to do it on your phone??? well there's a new (and convenient way) to book your flights using your phone! it's! (but not for Firefly flights though)

Phuket was one of a kind, it was like Malaysia yet it's not, food too is like malaysian food but it has it's own taste. i took the 3D2N package and i think that's not enough! there's too many things/place to do/go! but on this trip, we stayed in Patong, i did the Phi Phi Island tour trip AND get my braids done! was sad going home, but flying the Firefly plane (by MAS) was a nice way to end the holidays.

SO as i was saying about, it's a site you use on your mobile phone to book your tickets! it makes life easier and you may even find yourself flying and holidaying more!! so check it out!! trust me, even a 12 year old can book flights (i know my lil cousin can) cause it's as easy as 1,2,3!! and i guess it'll be sometime till i visit the travel again again!


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nice entry...I hope u will win the tickets!..heehh

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