Saturday, December 12, 2009


yea, it's happening again. many times i came here to post something (which is not a review), i go blank. and because people i know read this, people i think i know would read read this, people i don't know would read this, people i unexpect to read would read this. so i can't really rant on specifics. which kinda sucks cause that would practically leave me nothing to write about.
yea, i "could" write about something positive, nice, happy but i haven't gone through anything positive enough that i can boast and spread it all on this blog.... well, except for the meetup i had with an old friend, though we weren't really close before, but in this meet up, i really got to know him more. was glad that we had met, just that it was too short. it's really rare to have someone (who's on the opposite sex) be comfortable with me and willing to spend that much time with me just for laughs, good conversation, drinks, drive around town. unfortunately not many were willing... they always seem to have an excuse.. sheesh
so, ya... that was just a brief "good feeling" i had in weeks...
was looking forward to going to KL for my fix but plans changed, so got to postpone all my "meetings" to Jan... sorry peeps, i miss you too in KL, will come see u soon alright?
oh... i officially made a batch of 50+ cupcakes for a customer.. well not really a customer but it was for the PEA (Penang Eurasian Association) and the cost was sponsored by mum.. so infact i didn't actually make anything! :-s this time we used the muffin cups and icing was much more easier, yet i wasn't too pleased with the outcome. somethings wrong somewhere.. with all the batches i've been doing, there's always something that is not quite right.
could the colouring be old, could the kitchen be too warm for icing, could i be using the wrong brand of butter, icing sugar or could i be using wrong kind of grade for eggs? or could it be wrong utensils? tools? there's so many possibilities!!
then there are other issues which i better not go into as per reason in my 1st paragraph.
sometimes i feel like running away, just to piss people off and to make them realise what they're missing.. but that's irrisponsible isn't it? it's like smoking your way to doomstown and drinking your liver away...... but at this moment, that sounds like a good idea...
i wanna blame it on PMS on what i'm going through right now, but i doubt it is, just that PMS makes the emo stronger, on other days, it's still there but not as strong...
aarrgghhh... forget bout this post, it's useless. sorry for wasting your time

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