Thursday, December 24, 2009

... and may you have a Merry Christmas!!

another year has passed and 2009 has taken a real toll on me, emotionally especially. but i "think" i'm doing better but i know that there's still lots more to be done to be back to the person i was before, to be better, more positive, more confident, more motivated and HAPPIER.... and that's what 2010 will be about. self improvement... i never actually kept to my new year resolutions, but lets see ya.... oh, and if possible, find a husband candidate! LOL.. serious!
so i hope everyone had a BETTER 2009 than me, and i hope and wish for a much more better year ahead for all of you.
Have a wonderful Christmas! you can drink, but be responsible and get someone else to drive you. enjoy your time with your loved ones, remember the ones that are gone to a better place and appreciate all that you have now.
i will TRY to NOT be a sourpuss during this season when i'm WORKING! uggh... :P
and have a wonderful NEW YEAR!!

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