Thursday, April 03, 2008

Income Tax

tell me... who ACTUALLY does their OWN income tax? i mean, by THEMSELVES and not chucking the receipts to their accountants?
i'm trying to be a responsible malaysian and file my own tax but how the hell do you expect to do it when you don't actually give you the proper guides/forms/information?
i went one day to the income tax office to get some info, they took my IC, gave me my online pin number, a hardcopy form and guide.. so what i got was Borang BE and Nota Penerangan BE.... so ok la, i went home started to "study" it... then there was some fields where i didn't know how to fill....
in the Borang BE, they have alphabets and numbers (A6) for every field and if u didn't know what the field meant, refer that alphabet and number in the Nota Penerangan... so example, i have no idea what A6 meant, so in the Nota Penerangan for A6 it told me to refer to their web site OR refer to (get this...) Lampiran H Buku Panduan BE!!! helllooooo.... what is Buku Panduan BE and why didn't u give me this buku?? so irritating i tell you!!! and not to say your web site so user friendly... can't even find this Buku Panduan BE!!
then my work shift changed to 8am to 5pm.. so i have no time to go back to the office to find out what this Buku Panduan BE is about... got some friends to find out for me, and it seems there IS such book but most outlets is out of stock... damn.... so, how am i to do my income tax? tell me?
i'm such frust right now.... i need help!
i may be blind, but if anyone one of you manage to find Buku Panduan BE in their web site, can let me know? i give up!

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