Saturday, April 19, 2008

a day in the sun, sea and sand

was back for a week for easter and since the many times i came home i've never step foot on the beach, i HAD to this time, even if it was a few hrs... so since it was a public holiday, i ajak-ed BC to follow me, sharon leh, she had work though... funny.. i was the one who's supposed to work on public holidays!
anyway, i picked her up and went to Batu Feringghi... it's been a while since i went on the ferry, it just gives me that fuzzy feeling of warmth of home when i'm back in penang, makes me appreciate penang more... sigh....
(got a job for me in penang?)

weather was like bad, cloudy and windy, was feeling kinda dissapointed if it rained when we reached Batu Feringghi, luckily, the clouds was on the southern part of the island and it was HOT HOT HOT on the nothern part... nice!!!

surprisingly there was quite a number of ppl at the beach and hotels - mostly mat salleh la.. i guess it was Easter Holidays and they were on holiday... what a nice thing to have a tan for easter! LOL

i was hoping to get a bit of tan, but i didn't, i wasn't baking too long so, at least i got to smell sea water, touched the beach and just relaxed with my good friend :D

thanks BC for accopanying me, needed the company - muacks!

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