Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tru Spa - Jaya33

this monica had a free session of either eye treatment, back massage or foot massage, and she asked me if i was interested... heck if it's free why not kan! so we both went for the back massage and it was great! first time having a back massage - pain wei!! but it was good pain... then after a session, the consultant intro to us some packages, in the end we managed to get one, customized to our "needs" and budget - it became a joint membership (me and monica) and for 6 months we just pay about RM80 each. we got some facials, back massages, foot massage, body polish, hydro bath, and even manicure... chun! so, for the next 6 months, we'll be pampering ourselves

what's nice bout this is that we can always bring as many new friends for their complimentary! so, who wants a back / foot massage or eye treatment?

this True Spa is located in the new mall in PJ - Jaya33... nice place, still new, and not that many shops. True Fitness is there, thought if we were members of True Spa, we could use the gym facilities, nah, we can't do that - too bad

here's my feet in the mini jacuzzi before the massage, at the same time, the chair has massage, so it was "kneeding" my back, shoulders and head

monica enjoying her massage
monica's feet
my feet

this foot massage place has 6 chairs and its a good place if brides want to chia her bridesmaids and best friends just before the wedding, or even get a group of friends and book the room. this room faces the infinity pool (only for True Fitness members), sun deck and the scenery of PJ/office buildings

when we went for our foot massage, we brought along farah for her complimentary back massage - she came out in "pain" too !!! hahahah.... i guess it's because she did major gym workout the day before!

anyway, the next session with monica is the bath, body polish and another massage - hope to take more pics :D

here for more general pics

all hungry after being pampered - 6inch Subway sandwiches! yum!


~mic_chi~ said...

uhmm I was looking for information about this True Spa when I found your blog :p

If you don't mind I have few questions to ask
First of how do I get there with public transport (from Bandar Sunway)??
and in which tower is the True Spa located??

Thanks so much in advance ^^

Shimmers said...

it's easier if u could take the putra train to Asia Jaya Station then take cab/bus to Jaya33

if you drive, be on Federal Highway where you're heading towards PJ, exit at the signboard that says Asia Jaya and turn right... from there i think there's afew turnings here and there, kinda hard to explain

the spa is at Level 4, it's the lift that is behind the Info Counter that's right in the middle of the mall lobby - easier, go inside True Fitness and ask for directions or use their lift that goes straight to the spa! hahah

Anonymous said...

The service at True Spa sucks!

Don't even sign up for any course as all the weekend slots are fully.

People who are thinking of signing up with True Spa, please think carefully before doing so. I think my patience with this service provider has reached its limits. So I’m gonna rant here. When I left my ex-ex-company in Mar 07, my colleagues came together to give me a spa voucher for True Spa, which could fully redeem a facial. Mum wanted a facial so I let her use it instead. She came out of the treatment telling me how good it was, and yes I have no doubt about the quality of the treatments. It’s good.


Unable to get a time slot!

So after some sales talk, my mum and I signed up for a 24 x Babur facial package for $3K (in 24 monthly instalments), which also comes with 24 x hydrobaths and 2 x massages. That was 5 September 2007. Ever since then, I seldom get to use the package at all. Every time I call the line, it’s only one of the following scenarios:

No slot available (then they offer some stupid hour which a working person can’t possibly go for!).
No one picks up.
“We’ll check and call you back”…. you wait for 2 hours and no one calls you back, then you call again, after which, either scenario 1 or 2 happens again.
The only times I have managed to go was of course, going at some weird hour of the day, like 2pm on a weekday when I’m on leave. Of the 24, I have only gone 3 - 4 times, (8 facials and 3 hydrobaths were used cos I invited mum or a friend along at the same time).

In the agreement, it was stated: “Member may book his/her treatment up to 2 days in advance.” That is total BULLSHIT. When I first tried that, I couldn’t get any time slot, so in the end, I had to book 1 week in advance. Nevermind, 1 week in advance is ok, except, you also CAN’T get the time slot you want!

When I try to book more than 1 week in advance, ‘Oh sorry, our system cannot process booking more than 1 week in advance, you have to come down personally or book through your consultant.’ Isn’t that ridiculous??? They are all in the same office! I am not going to waste the time to go down all the way to your office just to book an appointment. But because I needed that time slot, I had to call my consultant’s handphone and ask for help in booking.

No avenues to complain!

Once, I was so fed up I called back after waiting 2 hours for a return call and asked to speak to their manager. I found out this was completely useless, because after being put on hold for about 5 mins (I’m surprised at my patience then), I was told the manager was unavailable at the moment and will call me back. And of course…. no call!

No membership card!

It’s been 11 months since 5 Sep 2007. And till now, I have not received my membership card. My last visit to the spa was in April, I asked for the card, and they told me, oh it’s still not ready. Seriously, WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM?


All along, I thought that maybe the next time it’ll be better. Maybe… Well, today, I decided that I wanted to go for a facial on Saturday. I called like 15 times in the span of 2 hours from 4 - 6pm. (The spa is open 10am to 9pm). No answer. I called the consultant. No answer. I smsed the consultant to book the appointment for me. No answer. (I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, that she might be on leave or something). BUT, how could there not be anyone answering the phone at all?????????

Every time I want to go for a facial, I go through this frustration. Where’s the service?

I read many reviews and found that I’m not alone. Is this what they do? Sell a package and not bother after their after-sales service??

I’m so fed up, what can I do? Can I ask for a refund? Can I just pay them for the facials I have used and stop the monthly instalment? They’re not keeping to their service standards and the agreement of booking a facial up to 2 days in advance, can I use this to terminate the agreement? Why should I keep paying for a service I never get to use?????

Help, anyone? Please?


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Anonymous said...

my name is Mariana Azhar .im a True Spa member registered in Petaling Jaya, malaysia since last year.
last week on 2nd may 2009 around 10am, i called true spa petaling jaya to make an appointment for my body polish n hydrobath session. the operation staff who picked up my called is LINA. she said want to checked the schedule first, wrote down my handphone no n promise me to call me back.
i waited for more than 10minutes, then i call her asking y she didn't call me, without saying any APOLOGY to me, she said that she had to attend other customers n therapies which is not even my problem. not ended there, i just want to know when is my appoinment, she not even checked for me yet. she started to defend herself when i said i don't aspect this kind of customer service. by saying 'THIS IS HOW OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!" i felt LINA already cross the limit n she too rude for me .I think she BRINGS BAD NAME TO THE TRUE SPA by right true spa is 5stars spa. i paid nearly rm3k and i got this very very poor customer service!!
i said i want to make a complaint about her, n she said go ahead. i was really surprised!!
there is one of the operation staff name HUWEI, always fix my appmnt,soft spoken n i would like to give her credit for that. she calm me down last time when my appmnt was not set on the date that i already booked.

I just want to know what is ur action towards this matter. i aspect APOLOGY n COURTESY CALL,, from ur side n from the operation staff name LINA. If i not receive any of ur call regarding this matter, i will not stand still n i will cc this email to ur CEO N just wait, i will post this the press also. tq!

your sincerely,
mariana azhar

MY Vision, MY Utopia said...

Similar situation happened on me, it was a disaster!!! I joined TruSpa since October 2008, I have paid RM5,000 for their so-called prestige package. WTH, I have never felt prestigious at all!!! I felt DISRESPECTED & NEGLECTED!!!

By law, there is oral agreement, what we were told/guaranteed before/during signing our contract (package) will be considered as part of the agreement. I was told I can choose the therapist, I was told I am entitled to have FOC treatment whenever I come for any treatment, I was told it's not difficult to make booking...etc. However, disappointment canstantly attacking me & my boyfriend!!!

My bookings had been ignore more than I could remember, the front desk staff did not inform me about my FAILURE TO BOOK, they put a blame on me for late booking. Recently, they changed their system, book 2 weeks before the day you wish to come for SPA. I did this, & all I received was MAJOR HUMILIATION & DISAPPOINTMENT. I called early in the morning today to book for treatment for 14days later. IT WAS PENDING EVEN THOUGH I CALLED EARLY!!! Well, I waited & I called them again after 3hours to check whether my booking has been confirm. I was AGAIN told, 'Not yet key in lah, mam, I'm sorry, I call you back in a few hours time, can?'. This was not the first time, & this same person had been telling me the same thing everytime I made my booking through her. It's ridiculous!!! WHAT'S THE POINT TO ASK ME TO CALL EARLY IN THE MORNING? WHAT'S THE POINT OF ASKING ME TO WAIT FOR BOOKING CONFIRMATION? THERE IS NO BOOKING AT ALL!!! HER ATTITUDE WAS REALLY UNPLEASANT!!! HER RUDENESS PISSED ME OFF!!! We, as customer, are actually paying their bloody salary!!! Without us, they will not be paid! I'm not trying to say that we, as customers, are the greatest, I just want to feel respected, I do not want to be attended by such rude idiot.

Apart from the front desk staff's attitude, the booking will be the worst. I never get to book the time I want, but it's still acceptable if they are able arrange a proper time for me. They asked me what time I wanted, but in the end, they arranged another time for me by telling me the exact time I wanted was unavailable. BULLSHIT!!! NONSENSE!!! I paid for nothing, I paid without having a RIGHT TO CHOOSE!!! I never demand much, as long as it's an acceptable time, I will be fine. But it only happens during un-peak time which is weekdays.

Unable to get the time I want, is sometimes ok for me. I can take it if they are able to provide the therapist I requested for. Everything was guaranteed during the signing, everything 'Ok, ok, ok... Yes, yes, yes... No problem... You are my customer, for sure I care about your privilege... I can even tell you which therapist is good at what treatment...' I have been told like this, therefore I assumed I can choose. For more than 6months of membership in TruSpa, I have only once got the therapist I wanted. SHITTY GUARANTEE!!! THEY NEVER DID WHAT THEY HAVE TALKED!!! EMPTY PROMISES!!! The lied to me, telling me the therapist I wanted was not working or was not available, but i saw her!!! Why are those who key in booking so bloody lazy!!!??? Do your job, & you should be able to arrange properly!!!

One of the thing I don't get it is their booking system. If those lazy people are still working as a front desk staff, taking booking from customers but too lazy to key in the booking, then what's the point here??? I have a very good idea for TruSpa Management, since it's reccession, to cut cost, try online-booking, sack lazy idiots, save costs, reduce communication errors, lesser human conflict!!!

I would like to clarify my wordings above. It is not a defamation. What I have written here is my personal opinion, without the intention to affect other consumers' point of view on TruSpa. Moreover, I did not mean all front desks staffs are lazy/ an idoit, it is just a particular one. Apart from that, their therapists are majority good. If what I have written here have caused any misunderstanding or uneasiness, feel free to comment & I would correct my error. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Guess what, I received the same bad customer service like you all did.... I called Tru Spa up this morning, wanting to book an appointment for body massage for this weekend. The customer service informed me that Tru Spa has since changed its policy for weekend booking..... We have to book 2 weeks in advance....

If I recall correctly, the sale consultant told us that we just have to book 2 days in advance. Since when this has been changed? I asked the customer service officer, according to her, it has been changed since May 2009. Will someone verify this fact? I have not been able to utilize the package I purchased since Mar 2008 for quite some time now. Everytime I call up to make an appointment, the slots are fully taken. This is bad management. Mass recruitment of members (with all moneys pocketed) breeds bad services.
I am venting this out to warn all these potential customers to think thrice, not twice before signing any packages with Tru Spa.
I insisted on an explanation about this change in policy and requested the manager TruSpa to call me back. Until now, I have yet to receive her call. I believe the manager of TruSpa will not call me back. I really have some nasty things to say to her about this change in policy. This is unacceptable and unethical.

Shimmers said...

i didn't know there were so much complaints about this place!

the thing is me and monica have finished our packages and have not gone back since...

i'm in penang now and monica... she won't go without me... so i really had no idea on the service that went to bad

i do not want to take any posts down as this is what you call a review!! if reviews are only on the good thing and no one speaks their minds for the bad things, then it's not called a review!

anyway, did anyone send their complaints to upper management of TrueSpa or TrueFitness?

Anonymous said...

hi there, i tot i'm the only person who is frustrated with the services at True Spa, but from the looks of it (the complain's) i'm not alone :)

yup, everytime i tried calling to make a booking, the so-called CSO's will say "oh, sorry the date & time tat u wan is not available. u can try 2 book on weekdays, got places available" DUH!! if i'm tat free on weekdays, i won't b making bookings on weekends. altho v can book 2 weeks in advance, u will still not able 2 get the time & day tat u wan. it's like waiting by the phone & when the clock hits 10am sharp, just press the dial button & hope u r lucky 2 get a booking. wat is this, i mean??!! v r paying so much 4 this kind of service. is there anyway i can just terminate tis contract & get a refund? really really disappointed & frustrated.

there was also a time where i booked 2 weeks in advance & they even called up 2 confirm on my bookings. then on tat day itself, when i 'checked in' they couldn't find my name....DUH!! the staff who made the bookings 4 me din apologised BUT he's lucky coz he managed 2 squeeze me in. i'm already fuming!! better think twice if u wanna join...

Anonymous said...

Wow! It seems like nothing has changed since way back. I tried the TruSpa free back massage today and I have to admit it was really nice and I was going to sign up - RM188 monthly for 12 months.. with 1000 bonus points and I can bring as many ppl as I want.
As I had to rush off to pick up my friend, I told them that I would return later to complete the processing etc. They called me relentless for the rest of the day despite that I told them that I can't go back and will do so the next day.
The so-called 'consultant' called me and wanted my credit card number over the phone and when I refused and hung up, he left me a nasty text message.
This place is disgusting! I will make sure that none of my friends would sign up!

Anonymous said...

Check out True Spa victims in FB. You'll get more horror stories about True Spa in Singapore... You'd better get hold of your receipt and check how many appointments you have gone too before the same case happened in Malaysia..

Anonymous said...

Yes, please check out Facebook Group "Victims of True Spa Subtle Senses + Boycott all Packages Spa or Salon"

Singapore consumers have been cheated millions of dollars! Please don't be a victim.

Anonymous said...

Please go to Facebook. We are gathering all victims of True Spa, True Yoga, True 'Est, True Dance, True Cafe... True Group...Birkam Yoga...

Complaints about this group of people managing True Group has gone on for years and we are trying to get everybody to stand Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, India...

Please spread the word.

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a Small Claims Tribunal in Malaysia which we can approach. Its on Jln Putra in KL. Interested to go en-mass and bring them to this tribunal? If everyone goes to file at the same time we will have hearing all on the same day. It would prove a big point to the president(judge). Only costs RM5 per claim and no need to be represented by lawyer.

Anonymous said...

I am a victim too.. How do we go abt doing this tribunal thing? Really want my money back...

Anonymous said...

and I'm a victim too. Nobody ever pickup the phone there..The reason...there's only 1 phone line...and how am i suppose to make a booking. I have about 3000 points untouched.

Anonymous said...

dear all,

One word statement on True spa would be " TRU F R A U D ".
I unfortunately got in to this trap paying 2k. In return, i get frown, careless customer care, No slot of my choice but at their convenience, feel bad factor at front office, VVIP Masseurs care least about quality, phone lines always engaged, Arguments and a bad feeling instead of rejuvenation.

My worst story today.. i took a half day off from work to accompany my wife for a foot reflexology. Called at least thrice to make a booking at 4.30, disappointment starts right from the time of booking itself. In the first call, i humbly requested for a Foot massage, the crumble response from receptionist "what..what do you mean by foot?"... Madam, if u r working in spa, foot is almost used 100 times and you should be knowing it..

Alrite, lets Forget her response, we arrive at 4.35pm for a 4.30 appointment. Frowny welcome by 2 receptionist busy in their own world... Oouf, finally, got a entry for a massage costs 75$ which is i think one among most expensive for 60 mins. .
Later arrives the most important VIP (a thai Masseur) with a corporate rush feeling and ask us to follow her faster...
Ooopss.. fast and furious even here... its ok, lets go and enjoy massage...

We got in to the massage chair while "Thai Corporate Masseurs" started foot massage talking to each other in Thai...
Even before we settle down with massage, there was a quick "Thank you note" from masseur at 14th MINUTE "Thank yoouu maam, massage over"...
Excuse me....... halo madam, its just 14 minutes and why are you leaving....? a careless response from Thai masseur.. "5 o-clock onwards break time... talk in reception..."

Both VIP masseurs disappeared.. and me and my wife were super puzzled..

Could not control my anger and blasted the receptionist... she said masseur not free from 5PM and walked away..

Boss, i paid money, not peanuts..i felt so foolish spending on a thing like this to get all bad feelings in place of relaxation or feel good factors...

Finally, a senior manager of the Tru Fraud Spa arrived to listen the story and has given another time slot (subject to availability of masseur). She feels it is common in this place looking at her body language.

What a utter waste of a time.. Guys.. if you want to buy a bunch of feel bad factors, only place is Tru Spa.. In place of having relaxed, i am writing this story... (atleast, you should not go through this)

Please pass the message to all.. Lets respect our hard earned money and time and use them to treat your ownself..

PLS PLS STAY AWAY FROM TRU SPA... its TRU FRAUD SPA.. It is just a marketing gimmick and once money is paid, they know how to treat you...

Anonymous said...
Complaint is lodged... pls subscribe in the above link