Saturday, April 05, 2008

lil something to wonder

after all these years of owning a hp, i DON'T forget to bring my hp with me.... not to say i have loads of calls the whole day or have so many ppl to sms with but somehow i always remember to bring it with me, because i take it as my "time" and something that would be usefull if there's an emergency... what more now that i'm in KL...
anyway, few days ago, i forgot to bring my hp to work.... omg... i felt a lil bit cacat but then thinking again, it doesn't really matter because no one calls me and i dun really get much important sms... so, i didn't bother.... and of all days, i had stuff to do after work and i'll only be home at night.. so secretly i just hoped that nothing important/emergency had happened..
when i got home... gosh, i got like so missed calls from my aunt who's trying to get someones phone number, some old friends, loads of sms.... damn! when i bring my hp with me.. no one seems to keep in touch, then when i leave my hp, i get all these! hahahha ... NOT that i'm complaining but, it's it weird or just something lil to wonder about...
.... guess i'm just, bored yet i got so much to do, so lil time.... i'm just rambling
i miss TC and i'm broke!

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