Sunday, March 30, 2008

more from dad


Retreating into murkiness.
In feeble candlelight
With past sins, I meet.
Setting the gloom
Spiraling downwards,
awaiting my doom.

Then You stir in me, the long lost subtlety of discernment.
In lucidity, I grasp direction.
I have joy.

I get up.
I draw the curtains letting sunlight in.
Didn't think of this before?
Solutions can be found.

(The lapse Christian)

Being away contrives my emptiness
For re-conversion never in my mind.
But when Your visit starts the catharsis
The good enough Christian I then find.

Knowing God cares, gives salvation
transmutes my reluctance to joy.
And with adroit participation,
Its completion I thus enjoy.

(Matt 20:1-16)

Angry and selfish
Dissatisfied and envious.
For beyond the pay I cannot see.

Until the job-hirer tells me
With no uncertainty
I was wrong to be covetous,
Wrong to be petty.
For before, I had nothing,
While now I have fifty.

(The first inkling of a basic wage; not arbitrary, but livable)

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