Thursday, April 17, 2008

black 16

hse i lived in was broken into, but it was very suspicious...
- daisy saw her 2 cats outside, 2 inside
- she saw the padlock on the grill gate locked / no signs of forced entry
- nothing was taken except my cash and daisy's cash
- laptop/ 2 digital cameras / PS2 / TV / credit cards - NOT TAKEN
- laptop and modem was switched on
(looked like the fella sat in my chair and went online for a while)
had a few theories but then, nothing much can be done unless a fingerprint- CSI- type investigation is done, then sure can find the culprit as no one actually used my laptop, we both went to report to police but they were more concerned about whether the house was ransacked or not - they were not suspicious of the lock being clean (no forced entry) and that the lock was actually LOCKed at the grill gate!!
it's SOOO bloody obvious that someone has a copy of the key, KNOWS where the cash is kept and for cutesy sake, locked our gate on the way out

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