Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thai-Isan Cuisine, Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand

if u're tired walking around Chatuchak market and looking for a quick bite, try Thai-Isan. it's right in the middle of the market, have no idea where it's located, we just found it by chance. the taxi driver warned us about eating at the market, it may give you a tummy ache, but i was kinda tired and hungry and didn't want to wait till dinner, so since there were loads of whites eating here, i thought it was safe enough.
what's good bout this place is that the menu has pictures of the food and there's English translation on what the dish is about. but because we are Malaysian, the food offered here was kinda familiar, so we didn't really have a problem. we just had to cross our fingers, hoping we won't get sick eating here.

we didn't have rice, but we tried their noodles, it's a cross between koay teow and beehoon, looks like beehoon but more firmer. we got their famous friend chicken and kerabu mango. the mango was quite spicy! lol we were suffering! but it tastes good!

so if u find yourself itching for something to munch, u can try this place out (that is if you manage to find it) but there are other stalls and street food inside the market for you to try :) just make sure your tummy is strong.. lol!

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