Thursday, January 06, 2011

Tasik Dayang Bunting, Langkawi

THAT's the view of the lake, the fresh water lake in the middle of the sea - Tasik Dayang Bunting in Langkawi. amazing right? having a fresh water lake in the sea! i was kinda excited going to this lake and to see what's it like. heard that alot of people drowned here as well as the lake is very deep.... oooooo

so on the boat going on my 1/2 day island hoping trip, the boat stopped here to give us a view of Dayang Bunting (where the lake is). do you see the shape of a pregnant lady?
after some OOooohs and Aaaahhss.... we then continued our journey to the lake. and here's the entrance! there were quite a number of boats there as well... all part of an island hopping trip.

now, for this lil trip, what surprised me was that there was a hike to the lake... O_O i was in my swimming gear and flip flops! no one told me about ... HIKING!!! oh my... i hope i make it on time and that it's not that "difficult"

the hike was quite interesting, lots of monkeys on the way, red sand/earth, lots of greenery. towards the lake, it was quite challenging, lots of steep steps, up and down.... and then there's this rock formation! it was caused by the earths movement that also created the lake.

what's rewarding is that when the hike was about to end, you can see the view of the lake between the trees. u can literally jump for joy and ready to jump in the water.. cause by then u'll be tired from the hike! and if it was sunny and hot! hmm.... lets see how much is your temptation! lol
at the lake, there's platforms and sections for swimming. and for those who can't really swim well, u better hire some life-jackets cause you cannot touch the bottom of the lake with your feet. and you can't see anything at the bottom. it's very deep, and there's nothing much for you to hold on. i too am not a good swimmer. i swam quite abit but didn't go out far off from the platforms, was too tired from keeping myself afloat. so i kept close to the platforms so that i can hold on and rest abit. many did that as well. but you can see the good swimmers swimming further out to explore the lake.

there's also some recreational stuff you can do on the lake, like the solar paddling boat. where you and your partner can venture out to the lake...make sure you have enough energy to paddle back too! cause the lake is huge!... oh and of course everything has a price, from the life jacket to the boat ride to food to feed the fish...etc
Tasik Dayang Bunting is a very nice place, though it can be filled with lots of people and you don't have much time to spend there as you'll most likely be on a group tour trip. so i only had about an hr here or so and i don't think it's enough (especially when you need to hike to and fro the lake)
all i can say, if u love water, nature and sun, do take a trip to this lake, it's one of the wonders of the world and at least you can say "hey! i swam in a fresh water lake in the middle of the sea!"

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