Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Chatuchak Market is for shopping lovers!!! it's a haven for shoppers! and it's conveniently situated next to a train station AND have loads of taxis at the exits. so easy for you to travel with all the shopping you would have done at Chatuchak.

at one of the entrance to the market, i saw this stall selling bbq skewered food, it was mostly seafood and cocktail sausages and meats. i took 3 sticks, one looking like a squid but actually i think it was muscles! God knows what i ate! hahahah looked really weird but FORTUNATELY it was GOOOD!!!! especially with the sauce they add in the packet. spicy too!!
i was told that you could get "maps" of the market so that you'll know what's where and that you won't get lost. but the thing is, i didn't know where to get those maps too! and the area we covered, i don't think we did that whole place... it's like a HUGE maze and one can get lost in those lil shops!!!
those who know me, know that i love wearing flowers! eversince i saw those flower clips in KL.... now, i saw THIS shop and i went crazy!!! there were soooooo many flowers!!! all sorts! different sizes and colours and types! and they even sold the flowers by itself! like wholesale! and you can glue it yourself to clips or to whatever you fancy! i bought a good number of flowers, not knowing what i'll do with them! LOL!!! now that's when the crazy shopper in me came out! ahahhaha... even the lovely aunty was so nice and friendly! didn't mind taking a pic with me! hahahhaha

there were so many shops/stalls sellling weird stuff, clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, linen, cloth, kitchen stuff... you name it, they got it! all you need to do is search and hunt for them!! they even have things you never imagine they would have! HAHHAHAHA..... prepare for some panadol! u might get a headache with all this shopping and great deals!
but don't worry, they also have street food among these shops. the taxi may tell you not to eat there as you might get sick, but you are the only one who knows your body and obviously, check out the cleanliness of the place before you decide to eat there.
here are some street food, didn't really try em but i think it's weirdly nice! hahahah if you get the chance and your tummy is strong enough, try it and let me know eh! :)

what made me happy was this man (pic below) he was making drinks and was wondering if it was coffee or tea.. and true enough it was TEA! milk tea somemore!!! i had to get one!! and O.M.G !! freaking awesome tea!!!! i know of some girls and aunty who would just LOVE this tea! perfect for an evening cuppa. i could have had two!!! but tried not to be too greedy!! i don't know what they put in this tea but it was superb!!!

verdict of this market? if you have 2 days to spare in Bangkok, spend it in this market.. sure no regrets one! but if u have limited time AND want to sight-see around Bangkok, u won't be able to finish this market. i believe with the 3-4 hrs i was there, i only managed to see 20% of the place... and that too was very brief "window shopping"... not even proper shopping, like going in to shops, and look at the stuff and bargain... lol yea, it's THAT big!!!
the only time they're fully open is during the weekends, while weekday, only certain shops are open. so plan your visit wisely! hahahha and Happy Shopping!!

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