Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Mama Pizzeria, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

my first time going to Bangkok and told myself that my 1st meal would be something Thai. When we reached, it was evening and had some "transport" issues going to the hotel. so on the way we stopped by the next restaurant and it was an Italian restaurant. all tired from the trip, we just wanted someplace nice and cooling.
Big Mama looked cosy. it was next to a Chinese restaurant off Thanon Asok Montri Road. it was quite full but luckily we had a table. they had lots of different types of pizza from the usuals to new flavours. this restaurant is also an art gallery. you can see lots of paintings on the wall and they're for sale as well.

so we shared a TomYam pizza, interestingly nice and a chicken schnitzel salad. the pizza was light and fluffy, not too thick and not too crispy, just nice. we loved it! especially with the TomYam flavour. the salad too, i love it! something in it made it refreshing :) we only had that as we weren't too hungry, just tired, hot and thirsty. oh and also they served bread as appetizers.. so we were already full from that. i had a mango yogurt drink. very refreshing. it was smooth and light. it was kind of sweet but it really tasted of mangoes. food was good (maybe we were too hungry)

there was a small cup of crayons and the table setting had paper, i started to doodle but my creative juices was not active that night... anyway, after relaxing and chilling, we managed to speak to the owner and finally found out where our hotel is... so after a lovely dinner, we slowly and surely headed to our hotel. hoping the next few days will be better...


Small Kucing said...

oh what glorious food

Shimmers said...

hehehe... more to come!